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Over-seas relationships

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by MrJavel, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Hello GC, I think this is my first "serious" thread :smoke:

    Recently I started talking to a Japanese girl that's my age over the internet, just for fun and because I'm interested in Japanese culture, I don't know why but the second I started talking to her I fell madly in love, and it turns out she feels the same for me :hello: So we decided to save our money to eventually meet in real life! Plus, she's really cute and attractive, and really nice :)

    Do any of my fellow blades have any kind of experience (and possibly helpful information :eek: ) with "long-distance" relationships?

    Feel free to tell your stories :smoke:
  2. do not do it.
  3. She's probably a 320 pound guy in Uganda trying to get you to wire him some money.
  4. here is what await op in japan

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  5. I will never understand the concept of starting long distance relationships.

    Long distance relationships are something that should only ever be attempted when you're already in a relationship with someone you've met and bonded with in person and there's an established limit of the amount of time the relationship will be long distance.

    Save your money.
  6. I dated a girl who was from Australia, met a guy on Okcupid, flew to the states to meet him, and got married 6 months later. Less than a year after that, they were divorced. As much as you can get to know someone online, you still only really get to know what they choose to tell you. It's a different ball game when you're interacting with them in person everyday. I'm not saying don't meet her...just really, really think before you do anything drastic. I actually dated the girl twice as long as they were married. She had to go back to Australia, and we broke up a couple months after she left. The distance was too much for me to handle. I think it's easier when you haven't met them in person yet.
  7. I've had three long distance relationships. The first one with another girl that I met on a chat site. I don't think the long distance put as much strain on the relationship as age difference. I was really young and sensitive/stupid. Still, we got to know each other and developed feelings. She was canadian but living in oregon waiting on her american citizenship. After a couple years of talking, and camming she came to visit me and all of our emotions were even stronger. She couldn't stay forever though. When she left I had a huge breakdown and not having her there was just depressing. After a while I pulled myself together and told her I just wanted to be friends and we slowly stopped talking.
    Second one was with a girl from the same site lol I don't really count it as a relationship because we never met in person but we talked very intimately for a little over 18 months.. she was kinda crazy though. I left her alone.
    Third time I met a girl in a yahoo pool room and of course we started out as friends and then it moved into a more fwb type thing. She visits when she can. Then I fell madly in love with her.(still am) only thing is I've never told her. We just show each other. I'm pretty much the only one who's ever there for her(she has shitty family) and I know she loves me even if she's not IN love with me. From the way I heard her talk about love when we were just fuckin around, I'm convinced that if I say it I'll lose her and I'm not risking that when everythings just fine. She's my boo and I don't care what anyone says about internet relationships. They might not work often but every once in awhile they can and you can find someone really amazing.
    Never met anyone who wasn't who they said they were.
    P.S. all the sex was/is great.:D
  8. Thank you for your insight :smoke:
  9. I am also living through something quite similar. Last year I lived in a residence around my university campus, and that living arrangement allowed me to meet all sorts of people coming from around the world. Slowly I became friends with this Japanese girl, who had (and still has) a quite unique personality lol. We talked and chilled alot together, but things never got serious. So at the end of that year she had to go back to Japan, we both found it quite difficult, but throughout the summer up to this day we have been talking via facebook on a daily basis on skyping on a weekly basis.

    I was never entirely sure how I stood on a emotional level towards her, until recently where (through various events) I discovered how deep my feelings for her were. Anyhow, I told her how I felt and she responded fairly positively, put she is living through difficult emotional times (she is trying to cope with an eating problem, ala anorexia, and possible Bipolarity)

    So for a while now I have been considering if a long-term relationship is viable, and I was wondering the same thing as you are!

    Recently I decided to change my major and I am now eligible for an exchange to Japan next year in the same city where she is from... So that is fantastic lol.
    (I hope I am not stealing your thread or anything like that, just thinking this might help you someway)

    In the end, I think you should go ahead with your plans man! These long-term relationships are based heavily on mutual trust. Live in the right now, and go with your feelings :)
  10. Thank you, this is very helpful, and don't worry, you aren't stealing my thread :smoke: and as you said, our situations are quite similar!

    Pis moi aussi j'suis Québécois, tabarnak!!! :smoking:
  11. Keep us updated man!

    Myself I can't wait to talk face to face with her again; although, I hope I wont be too nervous haha

    Une méchante coïncidence lol; y'a vraiment des Québécois n'importe où :smoke:
  12. Sure!

    And feel free to tell us if there's anything new on your part!

    J't'en train de me faire des couteaux de hash! hahaha
  13. With skype and all the video capabilities these days it seems a lot more safe, you can know what they look like xD

    Go for it man, for sure! I'm sure it'll workout good I met a girl on that omegle site, from another country, talked to her for 2 hours and was so pissed at the end, cuz it could never be more :S
  14. I was actually asking myself if I should start a post like yours earlier today, then I come here and I see your thread :smoke: . I was considerably surprised haha

    intense! J'ai tout le temps voulu essayer; de mon côté c'est glace+bong hmm.
  15. I don't want to sound naive, but I love her so much <3
  16. Do it man fuck and have a good time then come back and do it again sometime
  17. I'm in somewhat of a long distance relationship with a girl I met in Thailand. Ironically we only live an hour apart in Canada (where we are both from) but I am hardly there. Things work for us because she is able to travel with me from time to time throughout the year. If that wasn't possible I doubt we would make it considering we don't spend much time online. I guess it comes down to your lifestyle and level of commitment to the other person; I couldn't see myself skyping for hours on end with a person I will only see once every few months (or more). I feel like that would be an awfully lonely relationship.
  18. I'm such a cheesy romantic guy that I will post this song on my thread :love:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgA2ho3pR8Y]Trivium - This World Can't Tear Us Apart - YouTube[/ame]
  19. I know its great hearing all this positive feed back about getting into this long distance relationship but in reality its not what its cracked up to be ... i know becuz ive had one and will never do that shit again lemmie tell ya ... bcuz seeing them via skype, talking via facebook, phone, or texting, phone sex, & mind fucking will eventually play out to a point where you'll go insane ... then you'll find yourself trying to deal with being alone on holidays, birthdays, outings, get togethers etc... then when things go wrong like tragedies, deaths, hardships it sucks not having anybody there to physically hug & hold ... bcuz the only way you can see her or hear from her is online or by phone ... so if i may bring the logic to this thread n say that long distant relationships only work for prison inmates who will never see the light of day or feel the touch of a woman again in their entire lifetime ....

    Not to bust your bubble sir ... but lets face it .. were in the free world where the touch of a woman is at your finger tips if your willing to do the work & if your desire to have a relationship is eating at you so bad to a point where your willing to communicate with a woman but go without the physical touch then more power to you ... I couldnt do it bcuz when the horny side kicked in i got tired of phone sex & mind fuckin ... when tragedy happend i got tired of sayin ... oh baby i wish you were here to hug me ...
    on birthdays i got tired of phone sex instead of having some real birthday sex ...

    It may sound funny sir ... but friend zone her and yourself before you end up in a deep depression wondering if you should continue long distant "loving" ... this isnt speculation its speakin on experience .. nowadays i dont flirt with girls i meet over the internet that are many moons away to get some action but to play with thier minds becuz thats all you have to play with when their on the other side of a screen ...:wave:
  20. awesome advice.

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