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Over paying on BHO

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Skazbot, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. I live in FL and I recently came across a fellow who has quite a bit of high quality BHO. He has about half a mason jar of it and claims to have had it shipped to him(the jar was wax sealed and shipped as a scented candle, allegedly) and he had to pay an ungodly amount for it.
    Long story short he sells it for 100 per g and it sucks. He is the only guy I know who has it, and the stuff is definitely high end, doesnt bubble or pop at all and it gets me zooted af running it through the micro G. My question is, How bad am i getting effed on price? or am I paying a luxury tax of some kind because its hard to com by?

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    he's the only one that has it and people are dumb enough to pay whatever he chooses to charge. at that price, you could be growing (and making) your own for 4-5 grams.
    just buy some good ol' flowers instead. i hear they work great ;) :bongin:
  3. I've heard people selling wax and stuff for 90-100 a g but just gotta know the right guy I know somebody who sells for 60 a g and that's still not good compared to medical states. I live in FL also

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    The very most high-end, top shelf BHO from a Seattle MMJ dispensary is $60 per gram.
    Shitty, high-school-kid-made BHO made with cheap butane and badly purged is about $20 per gram.
    So, yeah, unless you see God when you smoke that shit, you're paying waaaaaaaay too much.
  5. I can buy some dank shit for 30 or 40 bucks a gram. So stop buying that shit.
  6. Just smoke the herb until you find some better concentrates, that is just not worth it at that dollar.
  7. Iv seen some wax from dispenceries go up to 80$ a gram, but mostly it's 35$-60 a gram iv seen

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  8. That a complete rip off. Get the gear and make your own...

    $100 quarter of dank flowers. 7 grams returning 15% would yield you 1.05 grams. Imagine if you could get a discounted ounce....

    Either way you gotta be safe, so if you take this route spend a long time researching the tech

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  9. I find threads like this intriguing because I wonder at times if I overpay (well, I know I do, but it is what it is).
    I am confused why the OP said it sucked and then said it was top quiality? Or did he just mean paying 100 for a G sucks? And he's right, it does. On the one hand, far less people have the hookup for that shit, so maybe this guy can charge that much because, well, he can, but given even the quality floor for BHO on average appears to be better than dry stuff (less people making it, and the one that even bother to make large quantities that end up getting sold out I imagine would be pointless to do up waste a lot of flowers otherwise).
    In my area, where just about everyone who is not trying to gouge you charges a flat 50 it seems, I got asked to pay 120 once (100 for "friends"..which I wasn't), and I laughed it off. Even if I wasn't able to find it anywhere else (which at the moment is temporarily the case for me) 100 for a g is too too much. Heck, even paying 60-70 would rub me the wrong way knowing that the standard 50 I pay, while a fair price in my area, is still more than what other people get out west (as indicated by some of the 20-40 per g mentions on here).
  10. That's a pretty good Idea shipping it as a candle

    Who Dat!
  11. I pay $40/g of wax or shatter in CO max, maybe $50 or $60 if it's made from the cola of the plant. You're getting fucked Ron Jeremy style.
  12. That's crazy, costs me 120 for 5grams

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  13. I hate overpaying for BBQ
    $9 for a pulled pork sandwich is too much.
  14. Whoa, that is overpay!

    'Round these parts, you can get a fatass pulled pork for $4 if you get hooked up.

    You should try to find a better connect...

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