Over Or UnderWatering??

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  1. First things first the information:
    -This is my 4th week of flowering.
    -Using Emerald Harvest Nutrients (3part)
    -Transplanted into 6" x 6" grodan Hugo's rockwools that are on top of cocomats. (Roots were lazy because I overwatered in the beginning so they have yet to get fully rooted in cocomat)
    -Regular temps reached daily: Lowest 75F Highest 85.
    -Regular humidity reached daily: Lowest 30% Highest 55%
    -6 hurricane 12" oscillating fans.
    -4 HPS lights set at 750 Watts.
    -2 1700 CMF inlines. One moving air and one connected to a 6 foot 12" carbon filter.

    Feeewww, with all that out of the way here's my situation. In 3rd week of flowering I was doing water cycles once every 3 days for 2 min since rockwools have such a high absorbtion rate. Man could I have not been anymore foolish. I now know trace elements stayed inside my rockwools because when I checked the runoff turns out I was at 4,600 PPM... NO, you did not just misread! with a PH of 5.2... The first thing that raced through my mind is lockout. So I flushed with a VERY mild solution of 40 gallons of R/O water with a PPM of 200. I only used based fertilizers (Grow,Micro,Bloom). After some research I'm going balls to the wall in the belief that rockwools hold that beautiful 15% oxygen EVEN when fully saturated. So I now water once a day by hand. I'd say about 1 to 2 liters worth of solution that's around 820 PPM (That's with supplements) and a P.H of 6.2. As a beginner I now sit hear wondering if my plants are telling me... Give me oxygen! Or Give me water! Here's some pics of them any help or advice would be appreciated. Happy growing! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Happy growing!
  3. Ouch.

    No easy way to say this. They're goosed. Looks like Minimum yield is on route. Stabilize them and hope for the best. But being at such a critical time in flowering its not good.

    Good luck
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  4. There isn't really a whole lot of plant material under your screen . Skeleton of a branch system . Why trim off so many leave so early in flower ? Try filling out your screen a little better before flowering or work on better plant training next time .
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  5. They're showing all kinds of deficiency problems. Obviously they shouldn't with your ppm level and amount of supplements. They aren't feeding. I see lots of potassium deficiency signs. Once you get a plant sad and locked up like that you can't raise it to 1200ppm. You have to graduate a plant to that feed level when it's heathy. Feeding it that strong is adding more to the lockout equation in the medium.

    I think your feeding drip schedule is way off. The only way you can get away with 6" rockwool cube and large plants is to feed them often. Twice a day is what I have heard. I've never done a drip rockwool grow before but every 3 days sounds crazy. Every setup is different though and you do have that large tub under them. I'm not sure how much that would delay needing feed.

    I would try flushing the medium with a flushing additive like GH florakleen. The flushing products on the market are much more effective at removing deposits from a hydro system that cause lockout then water.

    Once you do a good flush go to a low ppm feeding level with plenty of cal/mag and phosphorus/potassium. Maybe 450-500ppm at most. Get the plants color back, get them feeding again, and gradually add more when they're healthy. Otherwise you're dumping it in the medium.
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  6. I do like your setup. For a rookie you're doing some good work. You just have to perfect your routine and learn how to keep Mary Jane happy. Then I think that setup should be pretty productive. You should go with a 3-4" screen. That's a pretty large grid size for good top training.

    Some mediums are more prone to lockout and some routines. I tend to feed very lite. I peak out at about 7-800ppm with my flowering plants if that. Most times it's around 5-600. Feeding lite prevents lockout. Some hydro growers like to periodically run a solution like GH florakleen for a day to prevent lockout 3 or so times a grow.
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