Over or under watered?

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  1. I put them out this morning and they looked alright, this one looked great and now this happened. The Rockwool was dry so I have it some water but I can help but to worry. I am so worried of killing these plants and I'm overthinking everything. I've never had good experiences when trying to take care of plants either.. I really just want these to be happy and thrive! This pic is after I watered-

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  2. it's thirsty.

    over watering, the leaves will be drooping down but the stems of the leaves will still be pointing upwards, the leaves just have too much water weight to support.

    under watering, the leaves and stems will be wiltin like you show in the picture.
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  3. Silly question. The leaf on the left there is cut looks like what they do with cloning. This a plant or clone?

    Also soil wet? Also don't expose the cube to light and air. It will grow green what ever it's called. Cover the cube.

    1.cover cube
    2.Pick up the pot, you will learn its weight. Do the every day.
    3.When it's heavy go away and leave it alone.
    4.when it's light, water till you have small amount of run off.
  4. looks like a clone yes. other thread she said she got it from the dispensary.

    so it's probably a rooted clone, so small plant.
  5. Ah ok.

    Then maybe low rh. RH is very important. Can you get plastics wrap make a dome? Spray the sides with water and the plant. Did you use any clone hormones? Like clonex gel or did they?

    You are trying to get the roots to be made,so right now its main intake for water is through it,s leaves. That's some big clone too, it's using a lot of energy to keep its self alive.

    I never got a clone from a place before so I don't know their full system, just my thoughts.
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  6. I don't live in a legal state so the only places I can get clones from are other growers, but as far as I know the clones sold in dispensaries should be already rooted.

    I think it'd be a waste of money if they weren't lol.
  7. Yeah same, that's why after I thought about that. I do not know their process at all.
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  8. They all have roots. I should've taken pictures.. The employees use the clones at their dispensaries so I assume they are okay. Two came from dark heart nursery and the others from another nursery.
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  9. I don't think it's silly because I'm trying to learn. I keep hearing so many different things. Thanks for the help.
  10. If they are clones you just put in dirt and set outside they will die, they are not rooted yet.

    You can't put fresh clones outside in the sun. They need to be moved indoors under lights until they get rooted in the soil.

    I learned this last year and almost killed my clones
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  11. Sweet thank you.

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