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Over or under watered....4 weeks auto flower

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by dmjlee3, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. IME if you are not sure odds are its over watering.
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  2. That's what I originally thought I've never had this problem on my other tent .. but these are autos got caught out on putting then in finishing pots.... and they were over watered... but last night I filled the drip tray with water and the plant soaked it right up two or three times and looks much better... the plant felt too baby 5 at first which made me think it as over watered
  3. The extremely light coloration of the leaves looks like a nitrogen deficiency, and the very sparse growth at the crown of the plant looks like it’s lacking calcium and magnesium.

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  4. Under watering it will perk right up. In fact, in veg I let my soil get dry to the point of forced droopiness. Puts the roots in overdrive. Over watering can kill it. If it’s underwatered you’ll know by the weight of your container. Dry dirt is quite light.

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