Over nuted or something more sinister!?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jamesboo, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. C1B34CAC-97FA-49B2-B0B6-6DC3A23E0A8A.jpeg Please help I’ve noticed this lime scale looking substance on the leaf

    They was sprayed yesterday with nitrozyme and had their first half strength Tera vega feed

    It’s the only one with it


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  2. That leaf is a gonner

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  3. Your plants are overwatered, the discoloration on that one leaf can be from that bugs or maybe the foliar feeding, I'm not sure I dont spray with anything but water
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  4. This place is for helping not being a smart ass
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  5. Thank you for your reply , I’ve think I’ve just been a bit happy with the nitrozyme tbh and on it’s first feed of terra vega or maybe it’s just denial but there is no black dots etc under any leaf

    And it’s the only out of 9 plants

    Fingers crossed lol
  6. My apologies. I can see how that could be a smart ass thing to say. I meant pinch it.

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  7. Every leaf should be pulling its weight. At some point a damaged or overly shaded leaf is detrimental. Translates to every plant or tree on earth. Proper prunage = strong, healthy and efficient. Personally I would leave the leaf until the set above shades it out. Baby leaves don't hang around long anyway. Cannabis isn't a weed but it grows like one.

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  8. First pic i had the same problem when i threw one of my plants outside seems like bugs are getting at it... the pics of the plants in grow tent is overwatered.. poke a few holes around the soil let it dry out for a few days

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