Over heated plants recovering please help......

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  1. Hey guys threw my veg plants in to flower and my girls got to about a 100 degrees for a bitt a few days later they got real droopy I put them back into veg to recover and watered. I have watered again its been about a week I clipped dyeing leaves. I now have yellowing leaves with spots my PH is between 6.3 and 6.8 between 9 plants. I cut out my nute feeding during all this excitement am I still seeing these girls recovering or am I seeing some Nitrogen Def. Please Help................ I plan on letting these guys hang in Veg a week or two to recover and I have corrected the heat issue for flowering.

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  2. i'd have to say between the heat, light schedules, and so on you have really stressed these girls......not a plant expert but i'd say deficiency..

    monitor heat, light prune, light nute feeding when soil dries and make up your mind on the lighing shedule or you'll end up with some Hermies, no one likes hermies.....
  3. That's a pretty tight-looking setup you got going on over there. Real clean. These plants can take some abuse and keep on tickin', can't they....tough sunsab*tches. You probably got some salts buildup from the drought, so flush good with the PHcorrected for about a week and resume your normal thing and I'll bet you'll be all good.
  4. Its gonna be hard to tell if you have a deficiency right now, but I doubt it. I would just give them plain water on your regular schedule for a week or so until they show signs of recovering. Once you see some new growth, then start back with nutes. Think of it as simliar to you having a bad sunburn.....takes a while to heal.

  5. Thanks buddy I spare no expense to do this right my first grow doing it all organic just have hit a couple road bumps but working through it. Thanks for any help guys I am letting these girls rest up and recover in Veg for another week or two I want to see some new growth before flowering after the stress they have been through.

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