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    Hey GC,

    I have some blueberry plants where the buds are a bit under developed due to lack of light. Ihave been able to give them much for light over the past 2 weeks and the buds look to be doing better. My quetion is: Is it ok to flower my plants past the reccommened flowing time (9-10 weeks) and will the buds end up being normal (as if matured right at 9-10 weeks)? Or will they always look like under devolped buds? Any help i appreciated. thanks!

    *I should mention that the trichs are more clear and cloudy then abmer currently ( end of week 10)
  2. The 9-10 weeks is only a guide man, they dont all finish exactly then. U havest when your crop is ready, when the trichs r 30% amber 70% cloudy

  3. BB is a 8 - 9 week flower, so I would, turn off the light for 72 hours and leave them be, dont water them or anything. This will make them push out all their remaining moisture and trichs and the buds will grow in mass. Then start the harvest process after leaving them in the dark for 3 days.

    Post some pics. Good luck.
  4. Thanks Guys, I will post some cs as soon as your finished up. Shouldnt be too much longer.
  5. also you have the option to harvest part of the plant and let the rest finish up.
  6. Nice! i was just worried about the buds being in the room too long past their time and not fully developing.

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