Over Fert Or Deficiency?

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    Hey people, i'm stressing over this because i'm not sure whether to flush or add nutes..
    If any of you can tell me what this is indicating i would be so greatful... (yellow tips on newly forming leaves)
    I know it's far from severe but i'm hoping to treat it early to avoid it gettting to that stage :)

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    In order for anyone to help u we need more info. From ur pic. I would say nutrients are fine. Nice green color. Leaf tips yellowing doesn't always means nute burn. That means maybe ur root tip died back. Has ur plant slowed growth? Maybe ur plant is root bound. Can say really anything untill more info is disclosed. I have been growing only for about 7 years now not that long but I have made so many mistakes i have no issues on out or indoor. I just noticed ur leaf tips are curling down as well I'm sure it's nute or or nitrogen
    So back off nuts ad add water. Try nute, water, water , nute , water , water.. Also leafed should be flat and not wrinkly. Try water as I suggested. Hot temps can make plants drink more water and not and even amount of water N nutes. This can cause nut burn as well. Less is more .... Good luck
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    Hey nah they havn't slowed at all still growing crazy fast, just started 12/12 two days ago. Root bound? god i hope not, i mean the roots have hit the bottom but theyr in 4.5gal pots and they vegged for about 5 weeks. I've got no bigger pots right now to move them to so i pray the issue isn't being rootbound..
    I've only given them ONE quarter strength dose of biobizz grow so far, maybe i shouldn't have seeing as the peat mix i got has about a months supply of seaweed or some crap in it.
    This is my 3rd grow and my last 2 didn't go so well due to mistakes made and recklessness. I feel like i've learned and my plants in this grow have amazed me by how lush they look compared to my last crops, so, i'm just trying to perfect it this time and not run into any nute problems/deficiencies. But all the different variable problems just rattle my brain.
    Thanks for the info dude, peace.
  4. i dont see anything wrong wit the tips of leaves.. i mean a few of mine did that when it got hot..(as im in texas outdoors) but did not worsen any further.. the leaves are nice and green with that little cm of tip...
  5. continue with your regular water/feed schedule man they are looking great!!
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    If u look really close at the picture u can c wrinkles on the leaves. If ur saying yellow tips are normal or ok then please proceed and grow as u are. Leaves should be flat and green. Anything other than that there's a problem. A leaf on a plant is like ur face. I can tell when ur sick. Happy or sad. Glad ur doing Better than last grow. Good luck and I look foward to hearing what others have to say.
  7. looks like a little heat exaustion... man of course i have delt with it before im in texas growing outside... just south of DFW like maybe 30 miles tops... the wrinkeling and tips is nothing more that a little too much heat...  especially if the light is too close...
  8. also look at other than one wrinkling leaf of a 7 point.. of all the other growth you have... continue feeding/watering schedule the color is not bad at all.. if a few tips of leaves are 1 cm brown and u feel that affected your harvest.. tell me how much and ill send u from mine lol...
  9. I guess u have absolutely nothing to learn so thx for all ur info my friend. I live in California so I don't deal with your heat issues haha However if u think any discoloring of leaves is ok and has not effected your harvest weight or quality then u are far too ignorant for me to have any normal conversation with. I'm glad ur doing so well with your yellow leaf tip slash root burnt roots tips. But over here in Cali. We care about quality not quantity. If u can harvest over a pound and a half from one plant that has been vegging for 8 weeks and flowered with a 600 watter of top shelf meds then I would love to hear how u did it instead if your offer of ur stash. If u don't produce that much in that time frame then there is something u need to learn as we all will do. No one knows everything and the way u talk seems to me like I just like talking and being right by your comment of giving me ur bunk swag.. I wouldnt even pay for postage for your smoke. Too the original topic poster.... If a plant take an hour a day a week too recover that time is lost and ultimately will effect ur harvest. Ever been to a dispensary and seen the same strain with the same name but different prices. Well little differences will make ur harvest better and better.
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    There is so much more info to give like if ur growing in or out door ,strain , soil ect... Have u flushed?? If u add 1/4 strength Everytime and no flush isn't a good idea. No one can say for sure what ur plants issue is untill more info is givin..for that guy too say it heat stress when he doesn't know your temps or r/h, is pure ignorance. My opinion was based on ur pic of wrinkly and yellow leaf tips. Good luck and I hope ur harvest is better than last.. Last thing( I know I talk a lot) if ur temps are high and your plants are drinking more water because of the heat then what happens too the ppm in hydro Rez or ur pot?it will rise and become acidic. U want your plants to drink equal parts not more than the other.
  11. lol.. sorry buddy u must check urself... with all ur assumptions i grow nothing but swagg.. well yeah ima brick it up and sell it to u without buds and ud prob buy it.. cali.. pfft...
  12. the fucking plant looks fine
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  14. "no reply needed"? well ur gettin one anyways.. besides i mean id make profit off you beucasue ur so newschool u prob wouldnt know a leaf from a bud anyways... ima add us friend and when its harvest time in texas... and i cure it... lets see what u got i can compare it too.. 3 months dude... byby
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    Lmao .. Ofcourse u drug dealer I'm happy to compare your seedy stemmy bricked up swagg to my connasueir grade meds. If ur regarding to how long I've been active on grass city then ur an idiot. That just means u like talkin more than me. How long I've been a member on gc has no relevance to my skills and what I like to share. U my drug dealer are the 95% of incorrect info on the net misleading new growers just because u think u know. This isn't my first grow so why wait.... U dont have any left from last harvest? Or Atleast pics of your precious grow? Plz respond Hahahaha ... Three month? Will u be out of state parks by then to show me your harvest? Lol
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  17. What are you talking about? California gets hotter than Texas and thats a fact.  If you don't believe me, you're welcome to check the national weather records. We've already been up to 108 in my town this season and we aren't even to the peak of summer.
  18. Just ignore that dude. He has 38 posts and zero people skills. AKA a troll.
  19. then a couple wrinkled leaves/ heat exausted leaves aint nothin new to u.. thanks man for reassuring my assumptions/opinion.. appreciated.. +rep
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