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    [​IMG]. I repotted them and fed them a couple days ago half strength of what the bottle recommended this is my first grow and I'm scared of overfeeding do I need to give em more food or did I give em too much? Ph should be good I'm pretty sure something is still wrong since new growth is turning yellow. Old growth was turning yellow cuz they were hungry n needed new pots.


    Advanced nutrients iguana



    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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  2. Ok I guess I'll learn by myself

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  3. Look into Phosphorus deficiency.... the nutes your using is 3-1-3 which is ok but some strains prefer something in the 3 or 5 range like 5-5-5 or 9-3-6
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  4. Ok thanks for replying

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  5. Yes,I do. Are you available now?
  6. Ph “should” be fine? Ur guessing and not checking?............ what nutes are u using. Most ppl seem to have to use a cal/mag nute also. What size pots are they in? How much water do u use each watering?
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  8. Nvr rly look at dates lol. Just saw in new posts, funny shit tho

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