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Over eating/drinking?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by upinsmokeee, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Whenever I smoke I always seem to eat way to much. Even if I'm not hungry ill still wanna go get food. Also, I drink way to fast when I'm high. The other day I drank a whole Arizona in 20 seconds and didn't even realize I did it. Does anyone else do that?
  2. It's called the munchies?
  3. Everyone does it bro I'm like a goddamn hyena when I'm stoned haha
  4. Remember, the only thing weed ever killed was a bag of Doritos.
  5. Remember - keep your mouth closed when you chew and you should be fine
  6. Yes, its perfectly normal. I'll get high and leave my friends and I'll go out into the kitchen and sit there and eat and drink for thirty minutes and browse my phone.

    There's no cure OP, just try eat healthy food. I've started eating celery and dip, its quite tasty.
  7. ahhh man the munchies...I destroy everything when I'm blazed. I'll put a pizza in the oven, then I'll make waffles while the pizza is baking, then I'll make a bowl for cereal while the waffles are in the toaster... munchies are a worthy opponent. they're unbeatable
  8. I don't really get the munchies when i'm high anymore, but everytime I do eat sober or not, it can be a large meal er just a snack, it still feels I haven't ate anything...

    kind've sucks. hah
  9. i wouldn't say it's unbeatable but i'm still working on it.
  10. The best way to combat it is to just eat a meal right before getting high you won't get munchies at all trust me
  11. I used to buy 2 monsters everytime i smoked and would down both of them in like 20 minutes flat, fucking brutual.

    I wouldn't ever do that now, i didn't realize how dangerous that can be.
  12. I feel old as fuck saying this but when I smoke at night I eat a shitton of food before I go to bed. Then I wake up with some nasty heartburn from it :(
  13. I also have this, used to be very skinny, but now I eat all day long no matter if I smoke or not, you gotta respect someone with a belly.
  14. [quote name='"jetlifestoney"']ahhh man the munchies...i destroy everything when i'm blazed. I'll put a pizza in the oven, then i'll make waffles while the pizza is baking, then i'll make a bowl for cereal while the waffles are in the toaster... Munchies are a worthy opponent. They're unbeatable[/quote]

  15. I get them so bad I ate a whole little Cesar's pizza and then a subway footlong -__- ill definitely try eating more before hand though that seems like it would help.
  16. Always happens. I eat way too much then when I'm burning out I don't feel so good.

  17. This is what I do, then you at least feel satisfied while youre high. I still get cravings but theyre easier to control
  18. this

    but also try changing other parts of your life so you feel more justified with your harder then you've ever worked out before, go for runs, skateboard or ride a bike gotta do something for your body to keep up with everything you're eating

    i know when i used to smoke i would get cravings like a pregnant woman haha...started feeling unhealthy after awhile so i made myself become very active, helped me out A LOT
  19. A lot of people get the munchies, but it can become easy to handle

    I think to myself - just one little bite of something to get that 'warm' feeling i'm being ordered to feel... next minute my cupboards empty lol
  20. I'm pretty active so I'm not to worried about gaining weight. I just always eat to much and feel like shit haha

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