Over-ear Headphone recommendations?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by Highbinder, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Hey dudes,

    Can anyone help me out on this one? Someone stole my earbud headphones and I can't bring myself to buy another set...

    Looking at Aerial7, not so sure about Skullcandys' as most reviews list them as poorly built.

    Also, how do you guys feel they do in hot weather? I live in Barcelona most of the year, how do overear headphones do in hot humid weather?
  2. I have a pair of sennheisers they were about 100$ theyre not bad but im sure there is better
  3. Over the ear in hot humid weather are not the greatest, but if your into sound quality its definitely not too big an issue to put up with. Your ears just get sweaty.

    Currently rocking the dre. beats studio. They come with a recommendation from me.
  4. I love my sennheiser hd 203's they were 30$ used refurbished and sound great for the price. If you're looking for better/more expensive try the hd 212's they sound better than beats and cost a ton less.
  5. NEVER BUY ANY OF THE BEATS, They are toys compared to all the other good headphones you can buy that are better and still cheaper.

    If you want a long last invincible headphones ( I break shit easily and how this has last over 2 years amazes me) and of awesome TRUE musical quality. Get These period, Pioneer HDJ 2000. Last purchase you'll ever make.
  6. Well, I'm thinking 100$ max. And nothing too bulky, so not a proper DJ set, as I'll be using them longboarding.

    So far thinking either a pair of Aerial7 choppers, or the Panasonic RP Retros, as both get reasonable reviews..

    Any quality on-ear phones to consider?
  7. I got nice bose ones for 100, Id recommend those.
  8. Any of the Grado line of Headphones is awesome. I've got an old pair that I drive from my HiRez music server into a small tube headphone amplifier. Sound is outrageously good but doesn't have the room "ambience" you get with good electronics (tubes) and quality speakers. When I'm really wanting to hear into the music I use the 'phones.
  9. I second the Grados. I personally like the retro look and the sound is amazing.
  10. please don't buy Beats. The sound quality is shit for the money you pay. Go with Bose or Sennheiser or anything not Beats.
  11. As long as it isnt Beats or Skullcandys you'll be fine, those are both shit. Go on Newegg and look at reviews
  12. Just get skull candy mate, reasonable price and they work great.

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