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  1. i have a jar that been curing for about 3 weeks now. i was forced to cut it early due to a herm pollinating it. since i cut it premature it smelled like hay and the smell kind of stuck so i put some vanilla extract on a q-tip and whiped a little bit onto the lid and jarred it back up for 2 more days without burping it and it smells much much better. the bud is very dry though and would like to add moisture back into it. a buddy told me adding a chunk of a grape works well? is this true? i know u can use other fruits but not sure about a grape and how long i should put it in there for?
  2. No dude put a couple orange perks in it
  3. Drop a rillo in there, that also helps.
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    ive heard of using orange peels and apple peels but im was jw about grapes? ...just to be on the safe side i ended up peeling a couple grapes using just the skins and dried them with a paper towel, threw them in a small baggie(opened) and put them in the jar.

    when using oranges or apples how long do you let them sit? few hrs? over night? a day?

    should i keep it in the fridge?

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