Over-defoliation, longer veg period?

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  1. Hey guys and gals. First off I apologize for the no pictures, I have no camera or cell phone.
    I have a pretty simple question though.
    I am mainlining on my first indoor grow ever, and I think I've over-defoliated if that makes any sense.
    My plants are quite short still because of the stress is my guess, and I have nothing but the 8 top sites, I have taken off more than just fan leaves, I removed just about everything but the 8 tops.
    Will my 8 tops be quite small if I've defoliated the entire rest of each stem? I'm worried that some of what I defoliated was a bit close to the 'top' so it may have been a part of the lengthy cola, and now my tops are going to be real small? Can I just veg for as long as I want to allow them to rebuild and re-bud themselves? (That is my main question I guess.....can veg periods be as long as I choose to allow for more bud zones to appear?)

    Thanks alot, I will try google too, but you guys seem alot more on point.
    Appreciate the help. Again I apologize for not being able to take pictures. I understand they are often required.
  2. Heya fellow blade,
    no pics makes it hard, but it sounds like you lollipopped them (aka lolitopped). It'll be ok, just give them a chance to recuperate.
    Welcome to GrassCity.
  3. Well that was fast! lol
    Ok man, that's great to hear, thanks alot for the warm welcome and assistance.
    While I've gotcha here, is my assumption correct? Can veg periods typically be as long as you so choose...so long as the plant doesnt out-grow it's grow space?
  4. This is what a manifold/mainline looks like.
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  5. yes brother, veg period is up to you
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