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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Wingates, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Hi all.

    So I recently germinated a whole bunch of bag seeds, I didn't figure they'd all sprout. Murphys law however proved that all 9 were perfectly healthy and able. I need to reduce my numbers to 5 and they're not far along enough to definitively sex them. Any thoughts or processes I could use to reduce my numbers? 1499104270055.jpg

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  2. Time Will Tell!

    good luck
  3. How big is the area and how long are you vegging? Also home many watts are you running
  4. Area is about 0.8m cubed and running about 320w. Planning on vegging for about 8 weeks. I've fimmed a couple and topped another 2. All plants in process of lst and planning on implementing a scrog pretty soon

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  5. How long have they vegged
  6. Last question. What are you expecting to yield?
  7. I don't really have any expectations. It's my first grow in a system I built so I'd be happy with a small yield provided the quality is good

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  8. If you flip them over to Flowering now it would be equivalent to a 12 from 12 from seed. If your using 3gallon pots and a strain that is sativa dominate you would have to scrog at all. If you could up you watts to 1000 and some fit a 9 plants in your space. It's possible to harvest 2+ ounces per plant. If all female that a little over a pound.
  9. If they are bag seed why would you scrog before sex
  10. If you flip them now and get five males you will have room to grow 4 nice female plants. And you could get any where from a quarter pound with the light your already using or more if the strain permits it. 12/12 with 3week veg is a proven method. I would expect 4-8 zips if you up your lights to at least 600 watts with my suggested method.
  11. I don't wanna flip now. Pretty sure I can get more veg out of them. My initial question was simply, 'how do you go about reducing numbers before sexing the plant'. Sorry for paraphrasing but that's the just of it. I wanna veg longer and remain with two plants. My problem is that my grow space is over crowded so I'm looking for viable criteria as to how to go about reducing numbers before sex. Your solution is flip em and see basically?

    As for the scrog, I haven't implented yet. Will wait for proper preflowers before doing that

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  12. Do you care about the time it takes to finish from start to harvest?
  13. I assume everyone wants to harvest
    As early as possible. My fault, scrog is a good method. You didn't state any high expectations so I was suggesting a rather easy and quick way to produce in the space that you have
  14. Well not really, obviously I'm anxious to see the ladies in their full glory but if there is another way around flipping now, I'd rather do that

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  15. In retrospect it may be the best thing to do. Flip now and invest in some proper genetics for a full run. I'll put up some pics in this thread tomorrow to see if anyone can assist in sexing them as they are.

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