Over 600,000 signatures on petition for UN to end war on drugs

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  1. For anyone who has yet to sign this petition:
    Avaaz - End the War on Drugs

    For calling on the UN to end drugs.
    I think it's already somewhat succeeded in starting the process but having more signatures can't hurt. People are still signing it.
  2. Thanks man i signed it :yay: so what happens when it reaches 700,000
  3. nothing, when it began the target was 500K. This would be presented to the world leaders to hopefully convince them to change laws. However, fuck all has happened from it.
  4. Signed, and with best regards that the UN can stop this insanity.
    Does anybody know the taskforce's name for the UN that has been made responsible of the investigation into Cannabis?
  5. Not much is going to happen, 700k people isn't that much compared to combined population. Hell that's a fraction of the city population of where I reside. Still signed it.
  6. Signed. There's a lot of talk about signing things like this effecting nothing. C'mon guys, take 20 seconds to make small but steady steps towards rights, SIGN IT.
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    At the same time though, they consider each person that signs is worth " this many peoples' " opinions.

    For example if someone sends a letter to a company regarding a product, customer service counts that person as a voice for many.

    If we take this in regard, our signatures and voices could be worth many more in regard to the actual population's opinion.
  8. I was stupid, it didn't say Full Name, so it's just signed Ken. lol I was expecting it to switch to a full form to fill out. Fail...
  9. Knowing the UN, and how useful of an organization they are, they'll probably just go ahead and put everyone who signed that on some terror watchlist.
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    Lol the thought of someone as pacifist and against all forms of killing and terror as me makes me chuckle. I'd give my life before I brought terror into someone else's.

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