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Over 30 but total Noob/Virgin

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chaos4, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Although I already am over 30, I have never tried an illicit substance in my life. I finally decided that the time is right for me to try Marijuana. After only doing a little bit of research, i decided that for the time being I wanted to focus on Sativa Cannabis. But I couldn't find a dealer that I could trust; I'm so new at this that I'm an open target for scams. I took a risk and just tonight ordered seeds from so that I can grow my own. I ordered 50 "royal flush" seeds for $130 Canadian. I also ordered a propagator and an "ultimate grow kit". Once I get the seeds and if all goes well I can expect to have them ready to smoke or vaporize within 12 weeks.

    But here's my question--assuming I want to get high once per day for the summer, how many joints or hits do 50 seeds give me? How long will it last? I was told that after several minutes of proper inhalation the high should last "several hours". Several hours in one day is pretty good but I just want to know how many days I can use one serving, and how much is one seving (1 gram?). Thank you for indulging me with these horribly ignorant questions.:)
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  2. Omg.. Ahhhhhhhaaa!!!
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    Okay well you're gonna need to wait like 6 months to grow the plants, then you'll need to harvest, dry and cure them (a VERY smelly process). If you grow 50 plants, that's a massive grow and if you get caught, that's pretty much instant jail time. Have you seen pictures of weed plants before?

    There are approx 15 there, and that's a commercial quantity of weed for sure.

    1 plant, grown well, can get you almost a pound of weed, which is heaps. 1 pound = 453 grams. An ounce is 28g. I smoke an ounce over the course of a month, and you as a rookie stoner would probably get through an ounce after 2 or more months, depending on how much you smoked.
    For your first time, sativa or indica wouldn't really matter. You just need to get yourself high and get comfortable with being high before you can smoke enough to notice a big difference really.
    One "serving" is different for everyone. When I was new, one little bud ground up and packed into a pipe was enough for me, probably about 0.3g. At the moment, I smoke about a gram a day, but I have a reasonably high tolerance as I've been smoking for about 3 years now.
    If you grew even one plant, you'd have more weed than you can smoke.

    Basically, if you're being serious, I think you've made a big mistake and wasted $130. What I would've done, if I wanted to try, is just ask your friends. They're sure to know someone who smokes. I've had plenty of friends come to me and say "Hey man, I've never gotten high before but I'd like to try, will you smoke with me?", and I'm always honoured to help them through it and teach them the basics. Hell, I usually shout them a few cones too.
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  4. If you never smoked you better just buying dime bags as you do not need even a single whole plant harvest let alone 50 to last you for a while espically since you have never smoked.
  5. OK more seriously get one ounce per month and vape the fuck out of it.. You will be high all month!!!! :)
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    Damn you shoulda researched a BIT more before ordering all those seeds... Unless you're working for the Cartel, I don't think you will need that many for the summer :cool:

    To be honest, it all depends on the growing technique/quality. You should really check out the Beginner Growers section here on the City, your question will probably be better addressed there. But, depending on the type of plant and how well it is grown, you can get anywhere from a half ounce to even a pound from EACH PLANT! Since your a beginner, it will only take you about .5 grams to get BLASTED into Mars, probably a tenth of a gram to get a decent high. Considering you bought 50 seeds, you might have enough weed to last you a lifetime, hahahaha.

    So, an average joint is around .5 grams per, so let's say you grow 3 plants and get around 3 ounces each... That's around 170 joints which will last you way longer then the summer!
  7. If you are in Canada i would go out and try to get a gram for 10. I would actually recommend a indica for a begging cause its not a "head" high but more off a body buzz. If you are dead set on growing though get a book and read up on it. Edit: grow your own Shit it will be cheaper in the long run. And no one can determine the yield of your harvest but if you do 6 plants 1 month veg 70+ days flower you should pull about 10oz give or take. So i would guess that would last you about 6 months.
  8. lol your going to get a lot of them, LOL! 50 seeds if all were to be succesful you would get 50 plants. Which would be 50-70 pounds of product. Which would be a fucking lot of weed and would last a new smoker a great many amount of years.

    edit - under no circumstances would i recommend growing them all at once even if an experienced smoker, to risky. Grow one at a time and youll be set for a decade or two.
  9. you've never smoked weed but invested a ton of money to grow?


    Well good luck, let us know how the grow goes!:ey:
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  10. Maybe you should have just bought some weed instead of buying seeds? Look for people that look like stoners, and soon you will have the bud you crave for
  11. Grow them all at once. Let me know how much you get. Would love to see a grow like that :p
  12. It would probaly last you forever
  13. Call me a noob but I didn't know you could buy seeds over the internet....then again I never thought to grow. A serious question and I may get flak for being an idiot but how does this work!? lol just buy the seeds? Do they only ship to places where MMJ exists?
  14. Oh and another note, if you grow them properly you ARE fucking set for years man.... Also the answer to you question(s). As you can see above people have told you how much weed you could potentially grow. Let's just say you grow 50 ounces from those 50 seeds which is on the VERY LOW side. 1 ounce is 28 grams right? So 28 times 50 is 1400 grams. You have never smoked before so your tolerance is low. 1 or 2 bowls should get you feeln really good. For arguments sake let's say each bowl is .5 grams. So 1 gram for 2 bowls and a high for a couple of hours. You could get high 1,400 times at the very least by this logic. And you could very well grow A LOT MORE than 50 ounces depending on how you grow and how much you mess up. And you could very well get very high off of A LOT LESS than a gram. I was just using numbers to show an example. Anyways you potentially have enough weed to be high 24/7 ALL SUMMER. Not saying that is what you want to do but you potentially have a couple years worth of weed depending how much you grown and how much you smoke....

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  15. are you a noob virgin or a noob and a virgin...?
  16. I hope this a troll...
  17. Don't grow that shit offense you know nothing of weed and how it works.

    I guarantee you if you search around with your friends or just go downtown u.ll find some...or you could just move to cali and get your medical card...but that's doing a little much lol.
  18. Be prepared to learn old than but for this purpose young padewan.
  19. Yeah I am thinking the same thing lol....Is this for real or just trolling!? haha
  20. OP,

    Sativa is good times, probably the best initial choice for a good laugh and head high, though the body high from indica is pretty much what defines getting stoned for me. Smoking some nice sativa is always good. For a nice blend, try some good jack herer, but if you do enjoy the marijuana itself, you should try some kush too to really raise an opinion on how you find it.

    As for the seeds... That's a lot of seeds, you should research how to grow quite a bit beforehand as you wouldn't want to mess up a long haul of work. If it works out, you'll be smoking some nice large bats this summer, that's for sure.

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