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Over 2 ounces of bho oil

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by superdank123, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. blue cheese budder :hello: idk how many grams are in the jars





  2. shit load! butt 48 grams isnt over 2 ounces i know there are another 3 jars but still i dont think itd b over 2 ounces. all i have to say tho is damm thats a lot! happy dabbing
  3. WOW I would smoke myself comatose

  4. yea but i have two kinds of budder the lighter that come out to 13.5 than the darker one that is 48 that =61.5 grams + what in the jars :hello:
  5. Id rather have this >2 oz than the other guys "lb" of underpurged budder in that plastic container

  6. Yeah forreal.. this actually looks like some quality bho :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  7. damm dood , i jus didnt think u had 2 ounces of bho . did it u buy it from a dispencary or make it yourself

  8. yea man there was a lb available but i didnt want to take that much

  9. my boy did with blue cheese baby nugs
  10. bet that tastes fantastic. i loveeeee blue cheese
  11. Send me some?:smoke:
  12. super dank for sure+rep!
  13. I just caught myself staring at my screen with my mouth open. I would turn into Golem if I had that much. MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSSS
  14. It has come to my conclusion that my life sucks compared to your's. Looks like some Dank wax though
  15. thx guys i been blasted this whole day and many more to come lol
  16. damn looks like someone is gonna have major dabbing going on

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