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over 100,000 patients in colorado!!!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by yellow bic, May 17, 2010.

  1. Colorado has about 100,000 patients and its true its has population of about 250,000.
    Majors of them are patients are suffering from various diseases .
    this is huge problem for those suffering through this zone level .cause this could be great affecting factors for the peoples living there

  2. im confused???

    there is at least a few million people here in denver, so colorado has way more than 250,000 people lol.

    and im a little stoned, but i dont understand the rest of your post?

  3. lol..... im with you on that, the first half is false, and the bottom half, is nonsense
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    The population of Colorado in 2009 was about 5,024,748. Much more than 250,000, lol.
    Most of those people are in Denver.
    Umm... the majority of Coloradoans are a recent "study", Colorado ranked 19th in terms of healthy people, with the lowest obesity rate in the country and the most heart-healthy state.
    Colorado is also the highest ranking non-coastal state in the consumption of brain-healthy seafood.
    I think that the major reason for Colorado's mmj numbers is just the Colorado attitude. A lot of people are into natural health, or used to be hippies, or are just completely okay with mmj.
  5. Colorado is also the most....EPIC STATE!!!!!

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