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over 100,000 patients in colorado!!!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by yellow bic, May 17, 2010.

  1. i had heard this number the other day, but today i got the new issue or KUSH magazine and they confirm it!

    Colorado now has 100,000 and climbing!!!

    im posting this cause i faintly remember hearing that there are only 250,000 patients in CA.

    if that is true then i am blown away at CO! we have only a fraction of the population that cali has, and it looks like the majority are becoming patients!

    go colorado!:hello:

    lets hope we can clear HB 1284 up!
  2. Colorado is awesome. My family grew up there. My parents went to CSU and my grandparents had farmed around Loveland until they passed.

    Great state with a very sensible attitude toward cannabis.

    PS love the peace bomb. I have a stencil of that I used to tag with back in the day.
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  3. oh my god! i have been wanting to make a stencil for so long and couldnt think of what i wanted to make....perfect idea!!!! +rep lol

    and ya man colorado is really seems like everyone here smokes the herb, and if they dont, most of them dont mind!
  4. Ha yup I'm in CO and I'm going to get my med card this week.
    And hopefully that bill will be fought/won in court.
    Too many dispensaries to lose!

    I really love this state. Lived here my whole life without that
    "I need to get outta here" feeling. Truly my home.
  5. I love colorado, best state ever and mountains are incredible. Im hopefully getting my med card soon :cool:
  6. Woohoo!

    I live in Falcon CO, people are not chill here. They are bible beaters on a mission! LOL
  7. Yay, i love it here! Glad to say im .001% of the medical population here!
  8. OK, sorry to be a buzzkill, but I'm PO'd.

    100,000 patients in Colorado--where the hell were most of you Saturday? Only about 50 of us showed up at the Governor's Mansion to fight for your rights against the soon-to-be-signed-into-law bills that have passed the House and the Senate. These bills severely (and unconstitutionally) restrict YOUR access to YOUR medicine--so where the hell were you? I was completely disgusted with the abysmally low turnout. Many of you should be very, very ashamed of yourselves. :mad:

    OK, done with rant. For the moment.
  9. Umm... I never heard anything about it, and I'm on several newsgroups and email lists. My caregiver didn't even know about it.
    And, additionally, I was taking a Math final for 12 hours.
  10. don't move to colorado!

    its a terrible state :p

  11. You have the right to be mad and all, but dispensaries are defs an issue for the non smoking community and we have to respect everyones insight. Like i love having a dispensary every 3 blocks, but why the fuck are there that many, i could go to a different dispensary every other day, and not hit everyone in boulder in a year..... wtf is that. They are all of top quality, yea so some have better prices on nug here, and hash there, fuck it join teams and have all around good prices. The main thing i dont get, if people are so huffy about the bans and shit, go down, get your caregiver rights for just yourself, and grow your own for cheaper, and you can grow dank easily. All year. They give you the option to grow your own, so they can control every aspect of the buyers market.
  12. ^^
    gonna have to agree on that one.
    And as far as the march goes, you're not going to change the governors
    agenda with signs and crap. That bill was moving fast and there is not
    much you can do without a court ruling anyway.
  13. Damn %2 of the state population!

    California only has %1!

    Imagine how many uncounted smokers there are still out there!
  14. [FONT=&quot]
    Wow, that's the kind of attitude that keeps change from happening.[/FONT]
  15. ^^^ its the fed govt thats gotta change, or states will continue to make it a pain in YOUR ass to use THEIR laws for YOUR benifit.

  16. I hate to say it but in todays world people will talk about fighting for rights, but when the time comes "they are too busy" every single time. It will happen every time and its not just in Colorado its every where..
  17. if everyone just grew their own since the beginning, it would have always been legal

  18. The only flyer/advertising done for this march told people to bring their drums. Now I don't know about you, but when I want a law to be changed, banging on some drums is the way I'd go about it. Looks really professional, and carries a great message, "If you take away our MMJ rights, we'll sit in a circle and drum."

    The sensible people in congress(they DO exist) and the lawyers fighting for us are where we need to place our faith and support in my opinion, not sitting on a lawn looking like the stereotypical stoners (not patients) that got us into this mess in the first place.

    Just my two cents.
  19. P_B,

    it's not about a bad attitude, there wasn't enough time to organize
    a march that could really be noticed. I had no clue about it until that
    night. But honestly it's the truth, we need a ruling from the court on
    our side which hopefully does happen. We need to think different ways,
    more professional ways, not just kids going down there making us look
    like fools.

    We've obviously been making progress and I think once they realize how much
    money they can make by taxes and stuff, we'll be on the our way...
    I say let the state and government have their money, then they'll stfu.
  20. i was working saturday!!! lol

    plus i had no idea there was even a march until after i saw the news story.

    i agree with just growing your own, but im not gonna lie, i absolutely LOVE shopping for weed! lol.

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