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OVEN TUTORIAL: Single+ serving coconut oil

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by pezlet, Dec 1, 2012.

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    I was asked to make a tutorial on making oil in the oven (instead of stove top), so I'd like to thank anyone who's interested.
    I am using 1 gram in this tutorial. The dosage varies from person to person. I like to be in such a euphoric condition that I pass out after a few hours, but if you'd like a smaller dose, honestly this could easily get you high 3-5 times depending on your tolerance.

    Coconut Oil
    Shot glass
    Brownie pan (optional)
    Cannabis (I use nugs, you can use whatever you want)
    Soy lecithin (optional)


    First, preheat your oven to 220F.
    Put your nug into the shot glass, don't add oil yet, and there's no real need to grind it up, although you can if you want. I do not.
    I put the shot glass on a glass brownie pan so it doesn't fall through the oven rack.
    This process is called decarbing, and can absolutely not be skipped.
    The amount of time that it takes to decarb will depend on how moist your nugs are, but somewhere between 15-25 minutes should be plenty. I use closer to 20 for myself.

    When you're done decarbing, it should grind to dust with just your finger tips. I squeezed/grinded the nugs in between my fingers, and here's the result (if it doesn't easily fall apart to dust, throw it in the oven a little longer):

    At this point, you can add the oil. I use coconut oil, as badkitty has explained that it is the best thing that you can use. Feel free to use other sorts of oils, but don't use alcohol. You're putting this in the oven, so something tells me that a shotglass full of everclear wouldn't be the brightest thing you could do. Put a nice glob of coconut oil on top of your weed dust, and then throw it back into the oven. It's hard to tell if you used enough oil until it's melted, so feel free to pull it out once it's melted to check that all the weed is covered with liquid oil.

    Pull the mixture out every 20 minutes or so and mix it up with a spoon (or whatever else). You'll notice that the weed-dust likes to settle at the bottom of the shot glass, so the more that you can agitate it, the better.

    *FOR ADDED POTENCY (by making the mix easier for your body to absorb) If you want to, you can add soy lecithin when you pull it out of the oven to mix. I'm not sure how much to add, as I've never done it. I'm adding this note in for the sake of making a complete tutorial. See badkittysmiles' tutorials for more information on soy lecithin*

    I leave the weed/oil mix in the oven for a total of about an hour and 30 minutes, but you can experiment with times.

    When you pull it out, you're welcome to drink it as soon as you want. I prefer to mix it with a milkshake or make it into chocolate bars.

    1. If you throw it in the freezer until it's fully frozen, that will help your body to digest the cannabinoids. Also, adding another 30-45 minutes in the oven (still at 220F) after allowing the mix to freeze will add potency.
    2. If you allow the mix to freeze, it will also make it easier to separate into halves (if you are trying to make the mix last 2 servings).
    3. It will probably taste better if you strain out the weed. I personally don't mind the taste, but to each their own.

    IMPORTANT: Tip for ingesting: There's something called "first pass effect". Because of this, you do not want to eat the oil on a completely empty stomach. Instead, eat a small meal ~30 minutes before ingesting the oil to get the most out of your cannabis.

    I'd like to thank BadKittySmiles, as this is essentially just a rewritten version of one of her tutorials. I encourage anyone who's curious about details or other methods to check out her sticky.
  2. If anyone has any questions, or thinks anything else should be included in the tutorial (for clarity, or if I've forgotten something altogether), please let me know.

    Sorry for not posting a picture of the final product... I forgot to take one before I made the milkshake. I'll add pictures the next time around.

    Thanks everybody!
  3. Nice, will have to give it a try after work.
  4. seems like a good tutorial. i will follow it next time
  5. Forgot to mention this in tips...but if you use the oil and save the bud, you can make more oil with it. I chugged the oil (was lazy) and threw the weed + shot glass in the freezer. Put some more oil in in the morning and heated it up for an hour at 220 again (stirring occasionally) and got stoned as hell again.

    Just letting everyone know hahah, I'll add it to tips later. But reuse the bud.
  6. Nice, coconut oil is the best oil to use.
  7. [quote name='"Crispy21"']Nice, coconut oil is the best oil to use.[/quote]

    Tastes pretty good too. I should probably mention that you COULD use other oils though cause that's probably going to come up in questions...
  8. It does, it comes out fragrant
  9. I thought we were supposed to break the bud up so it crumbles??? I crumbled mine all up, cooked it a few times, froze it. Defrosted it, then cooked it again and froze it again and today I defrosted and cooked it again. I was gonna use the oil to put in with my brownies for Christmas but had too many desserts so I waited til today. Havent finished them yet so I dont know how it will come out. Did I ruin it by crumbling it and refreezing and cooking it too much???
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    You're spot-on, crumbling and grinding is definitely the way to go, to ensure both an even decarb and an even extraction. The oil is absolutely going to effect the external glandular material, long before the internal, when left as a whole-nug. :)

    You'll also want to melt your coconut oil first and bring it up to temperature, or a portion to the majority of the initial process will be spent melting the oil, rather than performing the extraction, which also causes the external material first in direct contact with the melted oil, to be processed faster and earlier, than the internal material.

    Otherwise, it's a great job, and minus those few important steps it's just like the CannaPharm oven-oil tutorial! (Which can also be used for all doses; from single-servings of oil, to gallons ;) This is why bringing the oil up to temperature beforehand, and grinding and decarbing evenly, is so essential! Whether you're working with a large, or small amount of herb, the process is the same; otherwise, you'll have material exposed to varying temperatures and, if allowed to melt during the process, oil exposure will also vary and be delayed).

    Hope this helps clear things up! :wave:
  11. Man, I poured this oil into my brownie mix and then licked the spoon... what a rush!

    Thanks for the recipe and the rep too!
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    @BadKittySmiles @pezlet
    At what point in this recipe do incorporate the soy lecithin?

    EDIT: Okay, so after I pull it out of the oven I should just mix some in? How much?
  13. Mixed this with A peanut butter I made with honey mixed in. And then just mixed it all together. Made a dip for my cold apples in my fridge!!

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