Ouya (New Console 99)

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    Anyone gettingone of these? Thoughts on it? Release Date is June 25th.[​IMG]

  2. never heard of such a thing. All I can get from google is I can watch twitchtv with this. Just like with microsoft, sorry Ouya I already have a tv and cable box. 
  3. ? How bout the 150 games at launch? This is not about Tv...its more about indie games.
  4. Cool news I've never heard or seen one before
  5. ya, I just found out recently....I think Ill be getting one for sure....the price tag cant be beat and I love indie games.
  6. Great post op.
    I'd rep you, but...

    Looks pretty nifty, might have to check this bad boy out. :D

  7. It raised like $8,596,474 for the kick starter...... It has potential from everything i've read about it for 100 bucks thats a good deal and strong release price.
    Hopefully it doesn't get blown out of the water when the next gen consoles come out though.
  8. i was thinking about getting it, cause its really cheap, and seems really cool....but i'm not really sure now though, honestly im not really that big into android powered games, or games of that type....i use to have playstation vita, and its definately cool...but for some reason i don't really care for them though
  9. Im afraid id lose it

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  10. So I talked to come hardcore gamers about this earlier and they all said it was crap. Apparently they promised this would be a huge deal for indie gaming and everything, then it turned out to be just a bunch of shitty 2d android app games. 

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