Outta smoke!!

Discussion in 'General' started by choppahed, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. I hate fucking indictment time in Ky. Everybody tends to flake out and hide. Of course I guess that's sort of a good thing though, not many folks loosin their stashes. Just can't wait til this shit is over with, I HAVE A NEED 4 WEED!!!!!
  2. Could you elaborate on what this might be? Never heard of indictment time. :confused:
  3. :p just got 12 grams of dank crystally shit for 80$ last night
  4. ok, in other words, the cops are on a bust frenzy. All the shitheads that ratted people out last years are payed off. And the poor suckers that got ratted on, go to the slammer. THAT'S indictment time in KY.
  5. Ok, one of the dudes I work with scores, I went up the road to visit, and bam.
    'Hey, you wanna burn one?", FUCKIN A!! So needless to say, I got stoned and some GOOD seeds to grow my own. Gotta take a movie back to him today, AND burn another one. SWEEEEET!!!!!!

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