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outta bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by iceman2007, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. been outta weed for like 3 weeks, but that's ok, my next grow I got 8 bitches in hydro, that'll be ready by december. For the meantime, goin to a-dam this weekend, I hope, if not iz ok I can wait.
  2. i am dry too.
  3. at least our tolerance will go down and when we get stoned again, it will be awesome, goin on 3 weeks without
  4. oh for sure bro..for sure..
  5. I'm getting some tonight after work, hopefully.

    Good luck with that grow +rep
  6. Dry here too. Trying to get the word out, because I'm bored as FUCK and I wanna get high. My boy picked up a half of some merch a few days ago, but I hate being a mooch so I don't think I'm going to call him up just for that. Plus I don't have a car right now, so he would have to come pick me up to smoke me down, haha. Hopefully it will all work out though, my group of friends are really close and we all smoke each other out when we've got it, because its understood that it will all come back to them when they are out.

    My dealer (and close friend) just lost her ex-boyfriend (and our friend as well) in a freak accident so things are kinda crazy right now. I know it wouldnt be proper to call her up and ask for a hookup, but I do want to just chill with her because I cant imagine what she must be going through right now. They were only split up for less than a month before it happened, and they were dating for a few years. I guess it kinda shows you that anything can happen at any time, life is not fair. Live each day like its your last, and dont regret it.
  7. How the hell... dry?!

    Nah man, start asking around for real, I have no problem getting bud, all my friends that don't even deal are pickin up QPs.
  8. Not dry, but running low on bud, time for my boyz to repay the favor, smoke me up

  9. I'm not talking about the town, just me.
  10. good luck with the trip bro
  11. life is neither created nor destroyed, only everlasting,seated in the Heart, like a cycle, like that you gonna get that high and high, again, like she probably waiting for someone to continue the cycle, like i did, jus got 30gr after a 3 week hiatus, fabulouso!
  12. fabuolso like virtuouso! ha! didn't even mean it to come out like that. Tel you man, am stoned right now, the buzz is very sativa vice indica, I know , been aroun here buying from the Africans, always dry and shake, but it does the work, can't wait til my bud grows!

    "Love All, Serve All"
  13. HA! i just got paid, bought an 8th of trainwreck and a oz. of schwag:smoke:
  14. i too have been out of bud for about 4 weeks now as i moved countries. it sux:( especially since i used to smoke every day.
  15. growing bud is so worth it. simply knowing that you are never going to run out again is the best feeling. i recommend everybody learn to grow. the time and the effort and the money it costs will save you money in the long run.
  16. shhheeeeshhh. i wish i could grow, but living with my parents still, i just cant see it happening, unless you have suggestions.
  17. you live with your parents but you are of age to be on this site? weird...
  18. alot of 18 year olds live at home bro
  19. nah fresh dry son, pickin up tomorrow
    got some bars though
  20. actually im 18 thanks, im still in high school too

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