Outspoken and opinionated..

Discussion in 'General' started by amsterdamage, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. I think that would be a good description of most of the people here lol :hello:
  2. Well I think you're just a big jackass

    So there
  3. hahaha.. more evidence for my theory!

    (it was supposed to be a compliment did I forget to mention that)

  4. I know EXACTLY what you're tal...

    :eek: Alba :eek:
  5. its an internet forum, people who wouldnt speak up in real life most likely spill it all out on here, and people who are outspoken in real life do so as well, so its like double the people that would really share their opinion
    alba ftw
  6. Seriously. Ever played online games? You're playing with those kids in school who don't say one word all year, yet in the alternate reality we call internet, they're shit talkin bad asses! I find it an interesting phenomenon as a psychology student.
    Oh and btw, Alba and I are getting married, so hands off!
  7. I like the color blue.
  8. My e-peen is bigger than yours!
  9. You know, there are frogs out there that emit an hallucinogen which may make one trip balls if they lick it. Have we outlawed those frogs? Have we banished them from the planet? Does the DEA raid their ponds, and steal all their tadpoles?
    That would be luuuuuuuudicrous, correct?

    So, how is it that everyone doesn't see how ludicrous it is to abuse (DEA tearing plants up is the abuse to which I refer) cannabis, and persecute her caregivers?
    It's a plant!!!!!! Fer cryin' out loud!

    Every day I wake up and wonder what to do.
    Every day I do what I can to spread the good word of the life tonic called cannabis.
    I suppose that's all I can do.

  10. Dude, I think you hit the wrong thread. You must be stoned, your aim is off.
  11. maybe hes just being opinionated but uh, the DEA thread is a couple more threads down at the moment :)
  12. I always wondered what would happen if a bunch of stoners communicated with their own kind.

    And the result is Grass City.
  13. I was being outspoken and opinionated, dude.
    And, I have posted in the DEA thread.
    Did the OP say he was looking for particular types of responses in here?
    My aim is where I placed it. :p
    And I shall say what I frikken please, btw.
  14. haha yeah it is.
    stoners unite!!!
  15. Haha yea. And when you look at a thread you can always count some of those well-known blades will always have to reply to it. :rolleyes: :p
  16. outspoken? opinionated?

  17. Easy there, it was just bit out of the blue and I was just reading the DEA thread too so when I saw your post I was thinkin "uh oh, somebody's havin more fun than me!"

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