outside white widow grow

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  1. ok dudes I got some pics they're already a week old but who cares , you see the progress

    three weeks ago http://forum.grasscity.com/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/11082/cat/724
    one week ago http://forum.grasscity.com/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/11081/cat/724
    biggest one 3 weeks ago http://forum.grasscity.com/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/11079/cat/724
    biggest one a week ago , this week some outgrew him :D

    cant upload pics cuz they're to big and im in a rush so cliçck the links if u wanna see some outdoor ww's also sry for bad quality
  2. a little update : because of some shitty reason (and they're too big) we have to move them to an outdoor plot . 3 have been moved on our bike lol was kinda funny the looks on those drivers faces . but we didnt see much cars. they're at a lake lots of sun and a good soil i think , bit sandy but very rich :)

    ill go and snap some pics next time

    peace out

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  5. Big trees dont necessarily mean Big Buds, and in your case for many reasons.

    1. Pot size (way to small)
    2. Your pots are on a Tar Roof, so im sure the soil temperatures sore quite high, drying out the soil quickly which is evident by the sagging leafs.
    3. You should FIM your outdoor plants to force branching thereby making the main stem Thick and hard..

    4. I agree with LOTS 1000%
  6. thought i check on your grow.
    The easiest way to post a pic is to to your pics that are uploaded to GC.clik on the pic you want(to see it fullsize) then right click on pic and go down to properties at the bottom. in properties(mid of) you'll see location w/ a URL. Highlight that and copy. Then go make your post and you just hit the insert photo. paste the url in the pop-up box and hit ok/open..or whatever.;) peace TBug
  7. we were just joking we wont rip their plants off when we have enough on our own and I'm old enough to be on this forum , Lots u telling we are little kids , well mayb were not so narrow minded we CAN have a good time playing some soccer or shooting some hoops instead of being blazed all the time and fucking up my log

    thx dierwolf and tbug for responses. they will al be moving to outdoor plots in ground so that deals with the small pot problem and yeah It can get quite hot on that roof but believe me belgium aint spain or cali or whatsoever. My babies can take the blaze. as for fimming and stuff I was lst'd and one was topped the rest will grow nature's way as this is my first grow and don't want to make harsh measures that could kill my crop. better some bud than none bud

    oh and I think I have a mg deficiency. will try and find some epsom salt

    peace out all
  8. Glad to see another soccer player keeping a journal on here.

    My plants are lookin pretty good.....still having a bug problem but not too bad, they also really need to be transplanted. Should have some new pics up soon, they've had some bigtime growth.

    Lets see some new pics.
  9. working on those pics
    soccer and basketball are teh shiit
  10. little update 3 are now in teh bushes . they survived the shock biggest plants are 1m80 so that aint bad with long fat branches :) I think I found balls on 2 of my plants mm just hope these are hermies because of my nooby torcherous skills and not because that dude lied when saying it were femmed seeds lol whatever now i can make my own seeds. pics will come soon both my parents are on vac on brought their digi cam with them (they are both in france , both with a lover lol ) whatever those pics will look yummy :)

  11. just caught up with your grow im growin 4 white widow in ireland
    under sun and under 300w eco lights bit bigger than yours
    lst d for a week yours are lookin good keep comin with the photos
    did you say that you feed them water every day?
    good luck drbosco
  12. you.....im not even going to.........

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