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  1. hello fellas been tagging along since i started growing .
    somewhere in april i germed some femmed ww's i got from a friend . i had lots of seeds so i just put em in one big tray , got it moist and dropped seeds in it . 6 came out . 2 of them died shortly after germination . The other ones were transplanted into small pots on were sitting on my friends balcony. shaded from rain and wind. light comes through . they were growing rather slooow and stretching like hell . but they came along . now they're al transplanted into big pots dunno in gallons but biggest pot must be 100 liters or so :D I got some more 3 plants from a friend who got caught by his parents . they're a little smaller but coming along . as of today my plants have really started growing now since weather got better . last weeks it was extremely bad weather coldest temps ever measured ever for that month , kinda sad must have slowed my growth but yeah it only made them stronger :) So our 7 plants are on his roof getting al the sun they need. I feed them once a week with some low veg fert 6-3-6 pokon plant feed . some of them have/had some lil probs like some yellowish/ brown spots , think caused by lack of nutes . and some bugs chewed at some , but they die quickly :) also one got a leaf ripped of and another leaf of that on got chopped in half . the first real leafs turned yellow on some of them makes it clear its lack of nutes i gues . any suggestions

    soil is mix of cocopeat (regular coco i gues which i saw performed great so when i saw it in my local store i had to get it) and organic soil low on nutes . contains perlite , clay , and other goodies . it's mixed about 50/50 i gues

    they grow under mother natures biggest light bulb and seem happy with it .

    I water about once a day (beginning dark cycle). pots have good drainage

    pics have been taken (thats why i waited to start this log ) will upload them tomorrow okay

    I read ALOT , am thinking of fimming my biggest plant to have it bush out or it will be a 2m giant by sept . also thinking on lst

    any suggestions ? am i missing something here ?

    also thinking on buying a big hps to grow clones once i can take them

    greetz from belgium (chilly breezy climate here)

    peace out fellow tokers and stoners
  2. nobody likes me :'(

    lol pics will be here soon my photographer needs to send them to me but he has exams now (me 2 in fact) so it may take some time
  3. ^yea us newbs arent really liked here i guess. lol

    but from my experience i would say that your problem is actually too much nutes! especially if they are young. trust me i know i lost 5 babies due to over fert.
    I hope no choppers roam around your area cuz theyll be easy to see on your roof!
    besides that your ok.
    good luck with the grow
  4. choppers fly here but thats no prob. today at school a friend of mine kicked a ball over some wall in someones yard . I get up the wall to see where the ball is. Lol i find 4 giant marijuana plants :D too bad all those students were there :p

  5. On the filmnight at school we're going to go get those plants Nico :)

  6. ok but i can keep the biggest one :D

    btw since the weather has been so beautifull they have grown immensely . I almost fainted when i saw them
  7. Sweet, looking forward to see my plants :D. Btw the plant my mother is taking care of is growing immensly aswell. Now it has been looking a bit down because I transplanted it yesterday, so by tommorow or tuesday she'll be back on her feet. Good luck with your exams btw ;). November: gratis sigaartjes!!

  8. hehe yea november will be great ... :D
    tomorrow my first exam :s
  9. pff exam sucked . pics are up

    these were taken last week , now they're already lots bigger because of the superb weather atm

    it seems the 2 biggest plants fell over . probably my friends retarted mom overwatering them :s grr
  10. Hey bud - only just noticed this thread :)

    To post pictures, click the 'manage attachments' button in the 'reply' section (If you're using quickreply then click 'go advanced'). You then upload the ones you want (max of 1024*768 or 198kb) and then just reply.

    just looking through the pics and the thread properly now

    Well, the plants are looking okay. A bit stretched, as you say, but I'm sure they'll recover well enough in the Belgian summer sun :)

    I don't see any pics of the problems you were talking about with the yellowing and browning of the leaves. But still, from what you've said I'd suspect over fertilising rather than under. In veg when you've not been fertilising enough the most common symptom is yellowing on the leaves where the new growth is. The isolated spots of yellow and brown sound more like areas where the plant has been nutrient-burned. Anyway, they;re only really sensitive while they're so small - I'm sure they'll get tougher as they grow.

    As for fimming... well, I've never done it and I've always had decent results. As a rule of thumb I would say try and do as little as possible during your first grow. Keep it simple. I'm not saying that fimming won't neccesarily help but still, best to give yourself the best possible chance of a good outcome.
  11. yes i will mayb fim one and lst another just to compare with the other who will grow naturally . those nute probs are indeed becoming less visable

  12. after almost one week of not seeing my beauties I went back with big hopes . It was the first week of excellent weather . extremely well weather so i went to see my babies .

    damn i was susprised . they've grown immensely , mayb because of the coco in the soil . anyways I did fimmed/topped one of the smaller ones and lst'd the smallest one.
    just to be able to compare . they are all from the same seeds so i think it's a nice experiment

    I'll try to arrange another fotoshoot with our ladies. Dont forget to check them out when there up you'll be amazed ! :)

  13. bad news monk . ur smallest one broke today because of the harsh wind :/ , pics will be up very soon when i see my photographer on msn :) I will probably get some neville haze X supersilverhaze pollen to make some wicked seeds for next year. think ill have lots of phenos to grow out :D

    peace out
  14. Crap! Can ya fix her? You hsould be able to, I had the same thing and you know how mine is turning out :D.

  15. she didnt snap .. she broke but revived the part that broke off now trying to make it a clone . i will go in about an hour and check on her , keep ya fingers crossed
  16. k good, and where are the photo's mate ;).

  17. nicho, nice looking grow so far. Are those gonna be in your yard or are you doing some sort of guerilla grow? I'll be checking up on your thread periodically, you look to be just a little behind the stage I am at with my current outdoor grow. Good luck and may you be blessed with females........:smoking:
  18. Feminized seeds ;)

  19. yeah femmed seeds mmm getting angry at that dude who has the pics , monk won't you bring ur cam tomorrow and can you make some pics , i'll get everyone knocked of their feet , biggest one is like a meter and a half :D

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