Outside trellis help?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Toxic804, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Got a few plants going good. But I am gonna need to build a trellis system for them very soon. I wasn't planning on it, but after topping and bending a bit, I believe they will not have the strength to support the buds I'm thinking I will get. So, any advice or tips on a low budget , fast trellis system? 20190705_101643.jpg 20190705_101625.jpg 20190705_101643.jpg 20190705_101625.jpg 20190705_101614.jpg
  2. T posts and Gorilla net work great. You can get a 6' x 100' Gorilla net for $20 and T posts aren't too expensive.
  3. They look nice and healthy. Good job!
  4. Thanks man! I appreciate it.
  5. 272101_10150247668608611_4521510_o.jpg 280887_10150247671023611_2678972_o.jpg 272352_10150247671568611_3335285_o.jpg 279310_10150247672803611_3951055_o.jpg 280157_10150247675718611_1498575_o.jpg I've also woven my own trellis using masonry twine but its quite a task.

    You can also use fencing. You just have to have some kind of frame to hold it up.
  6. Ok. That gave me ma a few ideas. I need it to be somewhat not SO visible. Lol but thanks

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