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  1. Hello everybody!

    I have started a little project, not expecting that anything will come out of it. I planted two seeds and both of them grew into 14 cm and 16 cm plants and they are about 21 days. One of the seeds was BW and the other one was Northern Romulan. It is the first time I ever made an attempt to do anything, therefore I wasn't really expecting anything out of it but I got a nice surprise. Anyway, I do not have any lights, I did not use any special soil or fertilizers, and all I do is take them out during the days when it's about 35C outside and bring them in at night. I have read somewhere to water them with rice water and crushed egg shells every few days, so that's all I did to them besides watering with regular water. And that is why I am here, they are big enough now that I don't want to screw them up, but at the same time I do not know what else to do to them without investing too much money. I have realized that one of the very bottom leafs on the N.R is a little brown and dry on the edges but all the other ones are fine. They smell great, although lean a little to the side which i supported with little sticks. Does anybody have any advices for me? What do I do from now? I have them in 15 cm radius pots (about 13 cm tall) are they too small? I will appreciate any advice... Thanx guys!:wave:

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