OuTsIdE? HeLp!

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  1. SuP????
    Aiight, I have a plant that was like 1 foot 6 inches untill i topped it now it is 2 foot 1 inch after 6 dayz of being topped. Ive been using 20-20-20 for tha last 2-3 weeks and im wondering if i should switch over to "Bloom Booster". There are alota white pistils all over the plant, Lots of pre-flowers. But i dont know if i should use Bloom Booster before flowering or when its flowering. Also i moved my plant inside today, im probally gonna leave em inside for like 2 dayz untill i get my green house up and working. But if someone can please hitt me back about that nutrient question above i would appreciate it...
  2. Yes, start feeding with a high "P" plant food.
    good luck
  3. Aiight i just started using "Bloom Booster" today, hope to see some kinda change soon. Should i use 20-20-20 and Bloom Booster when feeding or should i just use the "Bloom Booster"? This morning i used both so... Still operating on the green house, but ill get some pictures up once its completed....
  4. just use the bloom buster. remember to stop using ferts for the last two weeks and only use water, this will flush out any shit chemicals in the plant, after all you don't want to taste a load of shitty ferts in your smoke!
  5. Yea, I used both of the ferts. at tha same time yesterday, but ill be sure to just switch over to using the "Bloom Booster" and water.Daumn only a month and a half till harvesting =).o0 Sorry to say but there aint that many people logged on to grasscity as there used to be. Alota people that were members of here all went to overgrow....

  6. Well if they have gone to "overgrow" i guess there is no accounting for taste!
  7. YeaH??????/ WhAt BoUt iT?????/

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