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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by r3m3dy, May 22, 2006.

  1. I am interested in starting a first grow outside but I have a few questions. I live in Delaware(Tristate area) and I'm wondering if it is too late to plant outside or if I should look for a quick flowering plant. Also, this being my first grow, what seeds should I buy? I am looking for a potent/high yielding/durable plant. If anyone has any suggestions to what seeds I should buy please let me know. When I choose which ever site to buy from, will I be able to convert euros to american dollars and then just send them the cash because a credit card is not an option. Thanks
  2. A bit late to be just about getting round to thinking what seeds to buy. But if you plant now you could still get a good yield.

    I would NEVER send cash through the post.

    But if you must your bank will change you Euros for Dollars. Can´t you send a cheque if you don´t have a credit card?

    I don´t have a credit card, just have bank debit cards, but I´m a rich bastard.

  3. You Rich bastard, i am soo sick of you. Man Spanishfly, you have it pretty nice. Your land allows you to grow MJ to your taste, but I have military helicopters after me. I wonder who lives in the land of the free. Let me come hang with you at your villa for about a week this winter.
  4. It's not too late yet, my advice would to just get some germinated seeds into the ground has fast as possible. Don't bother ordering, just get some bag seed.

  5. All ssoooooo very true.

    Winters aren´t too bad here either. Can hit 70s on my roof terrace in January.

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