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outside dwc hydro grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by 69erikm, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with an outdoor hydro grow.

    Was thinking bubble buckets 8 5gal buckets + 5gal res. That big ball of fire called the sun should blow away any bulb. Plus in a deep water culture should rock.

    Anyone out there done this any thoughts?:confused::smoking:
  2. DWC needs a lot of regular daily attention and it may just be easier to plant in the ground if its an option, if your legally growing in your backyard the effort required could be worth it as you could tend them daily. Theres plenty of threads on how to go on with a DWC setup indoors so you could start there then decide if you can be bothered with the daily effort.

    The major problem I can see with DWC outdoors is reservoir/nute temp which is critical in DWC, that sun in Socal will certainly warm things up and cause you major problems, maybe bury the tanks to keep em cool:confused:

    Planting in soil would be a much easier more forgiving grow for a new grower, keeping it simple until you get a little more experience is what worked for me this year outside.

    Good luck either way.
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    thanks for the imput I have about 12 indoor dwc grows under my belt I was just thinking how awesome it would be to use the sun instead of some light bulb

    so your saying that the nute temperature would be the biggest obstinate :wave:
    i am always amased in the size of the outdoor plants 1 lb and over.
  4. Growing them outside would probably require more than a five gallon bucket per plant as well, when they get big they take in a rediculous amount of water, and im sure you have seen how big the sun can get them. Unless of course you started late in the season. Nute temps would be a problem, but you could always dig out a spot in the ground to get them below ground level, which present its own problems. Definately a big undertaking. I'd love to see it as DWC is my prefered method and i have always thought how cool it would be to use the sun instead of a bulb.
  5. if you have the time and space and are willing to put in the effort outdoor hydro rocks, its the best off both sides of the growing world great outdoor sun which cant be beat and the ability to manipulate your plants in hydro to cater to there every need! i've done it, do it , and will continue. if done correct you will probably get your best buds to date!!!!
  6. if your trying to grow a nice big ol' 10 foot tall planet in Socal wouldn't you need a enormous DWC bucket to hold those roots? Would 5 gallons do you mercy?
  7. hi SouthrnSmoke, thanks for stopping by and sharing, your input is valid. I'm pretty sure the tree's yield,would be so big it would scare you.
    what about building a platform/box/unbrella , you know bout as high as a typical 5 gal bucket. make some over sized bucket covers/lids to keep the sun off the top of the buckets

    sup 805kushkid thanks for joining in, brother. YA! that what I'm talking about. sounds sweet bro...any pics?

  8. lol dwc is mt favorite way to grow also and i don't think it gets the credit it deserves. :hello:
  9. if you do it you will shit yourself, 5 gallons is more than enough especially if you plan on taking care of it proper, i would recommend going to wal mart spending 10 bucks and get a big ass rubber made tub that would do the job.

    what kind or nutrients do you plan on using?
  10. lucas formula I'm just going to keep it simple as possible.
  11. good luck. bid i do recomend some additives during flowering like green fuse, or big bud or kool bloom, and some type of carbohydrate like carboload, bud candy, flora nector.
  12. Thank you 805:hello: for the great input, I will try out some of these additives:wave::smoking:
  13. hi patriofarmer, thanks for the input , "stuffed with roots in 2 month" it realy sounds like a good problem, lol. How many gallons do you think you will need to contain the roots?

    ok now bare with me I have only grown inside. What is the outdoor season in southern California?
  14. from what i have read res. temps play a big deal when it comes to root care in a dwc so it may be a good idea to recess the res into the ground so the earth can kinda cool it, :rolleyes: idk just a thought

  15. I think we hit that subject;) thanks for joining in:)

  16. lol well sry im high and have been thinking about this for a while, its cool to see someone else with a similar thought process.
  17. lol its no problem, I really do appreciate the input.:)
  18. right down the drain :wave:thanks again for the input:hello:
  19. Don't listen to people when they say its to difficult to grow hydro outside, is not it's easy. I just started my first grow , indoor under CFL they are in coco soil, good for warmer climates keeps the root temperature down. But had trouble with people turning off the power. So i put them outside under the natual sun light which is a much better light than any bulb could every put out because it provide all the specrums of light where as a bulb does not, the air flow is much better more available CO2, you don't have to miss with timers. I think a dwc hydro grow outside would good in the right climate, warm climates with a 38 degree day could be difficult.
  20. yeah you could by an 18gal rubbermaid tote and then bury it almost all the way in the ground. Should insulate it pretty good

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