Outraged at American Pigheadedness

Discussion in 'General' started by hippy_man99, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7019415.stm

    I have read the recent issues regarding Bush and his World summit on environmental problems and climate change... And it is infuriating...

    I just wanted to rant a little bit....

    Bush has come out and said what the rest of the world has been harping on americans for the past 10 years!! There is global warming and we need to make sacrifices in order to survive.... What really has me pissed off is how instead of admitting his failures and agreeing to sensible actions... Bush goes and flexes his "america is better" muscles... He refuses to submit to mandatory CO2 cuts.... stressing that "combating climate change should not damage the economy"

    I really believe that we have gone beyond this point. Voluntary emission reduction does NOT work because it has no incentive. We as a global community are too far gone in our destruction of our habitat to be worrying about the precious economy... We've fucked up the environment.... we've polluted the atmosphere, poisoned the waters, brought about a global catastrophe.... and now we need to pay the price.... WE FUCKED UP!!! so we need to grow some balls and take responsibility for it.... and if that means that the economy will suffer... so be it... it's what needs to be done in order to ensure that there is an EARTH in the future we are able to save....

    It seems the rest of the world has come to terms with that.... they understand the greater good takes a bit of sacrifice... but Dubya can't get his head out of his ass for long enough to worry about anythign but his precious hold on to power.... he is a sad despicable man... and I am counting the days until he is forever GONE from the whitehouse....

    I know the CIA or the FBI is probably reading all my posts anyways... since they love to violate personal freedoms guaranteed by the US constitution...

    so i choose my words very carefully...


    ok... enough of this rant... i need a job so i can take a toke and calm down

    thanks for letting me go on

  2. the environment is fucked due to humans, yet humans think there plastic god loves them yet they are constantly destroying his creation, ha everyones goin to hell, my friends are gonna be there too, at least i'll be cool wit the devil though

    dont blame bush, blame yourselves, if people cared we wouldnt need CO2 limitations, people would do it voluntarily and not because they have to
  3. Oh just shut up. Global warming isn't really a big deal and there's evidence that it's just a natural thing.
  4. you'll see when the shit goes down....

    maybe i'm just a bit edgy cause of the lack of green in my system
  5. Quite possibly, though, that does not change the fact that we are polluting our environment in a myriad of other ways, and that needs to stop. Global Warming is a non-issue really, what is the issue is the damage we do to the planet on a daily basis.

  6. I hope that was meant to be sarcastic.....
  7. What exactly do you hope was sarcastic?
  8. Three little fun facts:

    - Global warming is real, and accelerated by human emissions.
    - The US is the worlds leading fossil-fuels addict.
    - George W. Bush couldn't care less, either due to him not understanding the issue, or that he think it will go away if he just ignore it long enough.
  9. Global Warming is real, just like Global Cooling is real. Weather patterns change, as does climate. This is natural. Are we causing it to warm up? Hmmm... Perhaps we have an effect, but, we are not the cause of it.

    I do not know if you guys saw this article or not, just thought I would share it since it ties into the global warming theme of this thread. :)


  10. Even if global warming is natural, and not the cause of humans..

    we should do everything we can to keep our enviorment clean..who wants to live in a dirty house? so why make our earth dirty too, its the same concept
  11. First, world climate scientist all agree, humans do contribute to global warming. Not a big deal some might say, so do cattle and sheep by their constant farting. Though, that output is also human related when you think about it, and besides fades in comparison to fossil-fuels emissions.

    Nobody is denying that solar activity plays a significant role in earth temperature. Not the issue. The issue is that we know a few things for certain.

    We know CO2 is at the highest level ever recorded in geological history. At near twice the amount of previous peaks before the industrial age.

    We know CO2 is a greenhouse gas. We know it can cause and accelerate global warming. We also know that unless controlled, it can turn into a positive feedback loop. That would be very bad news for us. For all life on earth.

    We know the earth atmosphere have sorted itself out after previous peaks in CO2, we do not know it can do so when dealing with all the emissions we are responsible for.

    So, if one want to be safe rather than sorry, we should err on the side of caution. And in no other terms can that be done than ridding ourselves of our fossil fuels habit ASAP.
  12. it's a natural cycle of the earth. All this "go green" bullshit you are seeing is just here to create a bigger market. I just saw a HP commercial advertising a greener laptop. Wtf?
  13. You infer that all Americans are 'pigheaded', but I ensure you, it's just our dipshit president. He's a fucken moron, and the next elections can't come soon enough. He's all for fighting this war that is getting us nowhere, he says countless stupid things, and he's just a jackass in general. It's sad that he even got elected.
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  15. Yes, we do need to rid ourselves of our fossil fuel addiction. It is, in my opinion, a rather barbaric way to get energy. :p


    I am not saying we have zero effect on climate or the planet, we quite obviously do. I am saying that periods of warming and cooling are natural and happen all the time, we have evidence to support this. Now, what people are asking us to do is believe that we are not only the sole cause of global warming, but it is certainly known, without question or doubt. That is nonsense, they cannot even tell if it is going to rain from one day to the next, but they are certain about the global warming claims they keep making? How is that so? Do we have all the variables to make sure the computer models we run are accurate? Again, given that we cannot tell what the weather will be like accurately, how can we accurately predict that we are causing global warming and all the doom people keep preaching is going to happen? Perhaps I am completely misguided, If I am, please explain to me how and why. :)

    All in all, I am not worried about Global Warming... I will start to worry if it looks like we are about to turn into Venus, but until then, I do not see a reason to. We are coming out with some impressive technology that can help reduce C02 levels in the atmosphere, we could also plant some more trees. :p


    I am more worried about comet/asteroid impacts, an Ice Age, nuclear war, and another great depression. These things seem more real than the apocalypse-like ranting of human caused global warming proponents.
  16. I'm not really worried about anything right now. I think we are nice and stable at the moment.
  17. Haha, all i needed to read was the first post, but let me tell you "hippyman" that you and the world better %100 sure we are causing global warming and this will stop it before we have to safrifice our hard earned way of life.

    because, as it stands, there are many variable, supported by many top scientist that show global warming is

    a) not even happening

    b) not man made
  18. Your argument and logic are faulty, and you fail at the English language. Provide sources, links, and maybe some grammar, instead of a poorly typed, naive opinion.

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