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  1. Just a quick question about a piece of equipment that I am hoping exists, I just have no idea how to search for it or what it could possibly be named. Basically I have my heater and my light on the same breaker because when one is off the other is on. The problem is that if both of them are on, the breaker blows. I have fans set to cool it based off of a temp timer, the only problem is that I have nothing for heating it up. Currently I have the heater and the light on their own timer, but some how during the overlap they still each manage to blow the breaker, I even off set them by half an hour and it still manages to pop the breaker.
    Here's what I'm looking for
    I basically am looking for an outlet timer that has two plugs in it and runs one for twelve hours and clean switches over to the other one. That way I don't have to worry about both being on at the same time. 

  2. Are you using digital timers?  If you are using the ones with the tabs, they get off time pretty quickly.  Get a couple of digital ones and your problem should go away.
  3. I had to buy 3 timers I have my good digital one for my lights then I have 1 that runs my cooltube and the last one turns my heater on. I set my digital timer so it turns the lights off at 7:05 and my heater turns on at 7 then I have the digital one to turn off at 6:55 and my heater turns on at 7. So far so good with the times. It was a cost different of $60 bucks if I got the good ones

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  4. Thanks for the input guys, I've been looking to go digital for some time now. I would invest in them if winter wasn't almost over or I wasn't struggling for cash. I just set it up so my lights go off at 6:30 and my heater comes on at 7:30. My grow room is air tight enough not to completely drop in an hour. 

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