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    For those that have a PS4, tomorrow Feb the 4th we get Outlast for free.Its been said to be one of the best horror game out. If you've played it before on pc how do you like it?

  2. Wtf? For free? I was waiting to buy my PS4 and this just made me highly upset.
  3. I wouldnt say its the best, but its pretty intense in the beginning.
  4. So stoked to get a PS4Sent from my burner
  5. lol yes for free.
  6. Hopefully I'll get to play the new outlast that's coming because the last one left me wanting more.
  7. Use the search function. There are other threads on this. Try to contribute to one thread and make it easily accessible rather than have people make one for every new flavor of the week.
  8. There is only one that from like 5 month ago. Thanks for your input.
  9. I posted in one before that. The point I was making is that instead of repeating a discussion it's better to contribute to an existing one, It makes it easier to find and provides more input, It's win-win. Don't take it the wrong way. It's forum etiquette 101.
  10. The other post is asking if you get high when playin outlast,And had 2 post and one was a troll comment. You posted in one then direct me bud.
  11. been waiting to try this out. Have never played a true horror game high, by myself, at night, in the dark. I hope I can make it lol
  12. This game is probably like clive barkers "undying" shit was beyond scary at the beginning but will inevitiably lose its scare tactics and became less and less scary. 
    Undying was a great game and very scary but yeah loses it after a while
  13. what time this shit come out. My body is ready!
  14. Lol I just woke up, there's a update For wireless headset support. I Just checked the ps store It's not in there yet.
  15. Fuck you microsoft! I bought an xbone a week after release & I am still waiting for a good exclusive(not into Forza). Sony is already giving away good games while microsoft twittls its thumbs in its ass.

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  16. Its out now, but I'm waitin till after my brother leaves so I can play it all to myself.. Im so selfish lol.  I was gonna let him play it first and I was just gonna leave the room so it did ruin it for me. Lol I've never been so excited to be scared before.
  17. yea I got it just gotta wait for my shit connection to finish downloading it.
  18. Holy shit this game is scary as fuck. LOL i don't think I've ever heard myself scream before. Lights off with a headset.
  19. Fuck that game is badass, I played it like 2 months ago on my cousins computer with a headset and everything, didnt get to finish it but made it pretty far and its pretty scary lol. Hope I get to finish it soon
  20. Man these guy's need to make movies like this!!

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