outgrown my 5gal, too late to transplant?

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  1. So i started my flowering on nov 1st, she's producing assloads of buds and the whole plant is looking like its gonna be one hell of a monster (with proper support) im definetly going to give all the credit to good genetics and a great light, my growing skills have nothing to do with since this is my first grow and i've nearly killed her almost a dozen times.

    So the issue im having is that yesterday i was lifting her pot out of the tray of rocks and i noticed she has about 3 inch long roots (several) growing out the bottom drainedge whole of the pot into the tray of rocks, in fact the roots were nice and settled until i lifted the pot, they looked really healthy considering they'd been growing in rocks and soaking for days in water. I've read that if i were close to harvest i could just cut them off and she'd probebly be fine but i highly doubts thats the case here.

    Then to top it off, after talking to my local hydro store, they wont have anything bigger then a 5gallon pot for a weekso my question boils down to this.

    Am i going to completely ruin my bud if i carefully (and i do mean carefully) transplant my plant, 4 weeks into flowering (which is what it will be by the time i get a pot) into a larger (and hopefully this time permanent) pot.

    When answering please bear in mind that i am not just trying to grow some bud, I am trying to grow a mother plant here and therefore will be keeping her after harvest which im hoping wont be any longer than 5 weeks from now. I would honestly rather get a good supply of clippings then any amount of bud from this as I have thoroughly enjoyed growing this plant, both from a stoner view, but even more so the little science geek in me has been loving every minute of it.

    any suggestions?? I have thought about just putting another pot under this one and burying the roots, however i am concerned about running out of vertical room if i do this.

    I'd be more then happy to provide information about my lighting/grow room/seeds if you think it would help but this i believe is more of a general question.
  2. i'd pull clippings from her..they will hafta revegg.....takes longer but well worth it...and grow those in 2 gallon...to control size..smart pots are best...pick the best for a momma...and grow this bitch out;)...you can transplant inta 10 gallon..will lose some growth due to stress:smoke:
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    You probably shouldnt have flowered this plant if you wanted it to be a mother. Although you 'can' get this to re-veg after flower, it will take about 4-5 weeks under constant light before it will start to grow leaves again.

    You should have taken cutting from this plant, kept it as a mother, and flowered your clones.

    To answer your question, I would just leave the plant in the 5 gallon bucket. 5 gallon pots can sustain a plant for a long time... Dont waste your time. Ive kept mothers in 3 gallon pots for over a year.
  4. I've been told in the past that in order to create healthy clippings you should always flower the plant to ensure it grows strong healthy bud, harvest the crown, re-veg the plant and then take clippings. I have literally never heard of cloning a plant that has never matured.

    however you still haven't answered my question, if im going to leave the plant in the pot, which you say it wont overgrow, though it seems it already has. What do i do about the roots growing in my tray of rocks? if they keep growing at this rate they are going to they are going to start coming out the sides and be exposed to light.
  5. you have heard wrong. during veg stage the plant produces hormones that help grow green leafy growth and roots. once the plant is induced into flowering these hormones cease and the plants produces hormones to reproduce and no longer grows leaves and roots. now she is in budding mode and you put her back under veg light and she has to stop growing buds and revert back to root production and growing leaves. this is stressful, unnatural and unhealthy for a strain that you would otherwise want to preserve.
  6. As someone who has been growing for about 11 years, I can tell you, you definitely heard something that is not true. The plant knows what to do, you are in charge of giving it the best environment so it may do so.

    Some roots may grow out of the bottom, you can cut them off or leave them be. Again, ive grown mothers in 3 gallon pots for over a year. Just takes good food and good flushing regularly to prevent salt build ups.
  7. In that case seeing as i still have 2 fem seeds i may decide to just harvest the whole plant and start from scratch however I'm definetly going to do more research on this subject, as every grower i've worked with in the past has taught me this method, and many had been growing succesfully for 25+ years.
  8. if shes only been floweing since the first, i wouldnt harvest now and scratch it, shit man mine started on the first and they look great, even kinda fat, but youll be happier with it if u just start the seeds new and then keep the other going and get those huge fat buds u were speaking of then have another ready to mother/ make babies

    had to chime in skullkid. good username
  9. I didnt mean right away haha, i meant that when it did come time to harvest i wont be using this huge one for cloning, and while i would love to start some new ones right away, im afraid that i only have one light and since i already have this baby settled into her 12/12 cycle with my hps bulb it wouldn't make much sense for me stress her out by changing to 18/6 just to start 2 more seedlings 4 weeks earlier. While i know this can be done, it just doesn't seem practicle with my very basic set-up, I also am really strict with using metal halides for the veg cycle....not saying HPS isn't as good just that i prefer using MH for veg.

    And thanks, awesome display pic, and i am ashamed to say i lost 3 fairies and 2 hours of my life to the forest temple last night. :smoke:

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