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  1. so i'm not sure this is in the right section but it kinda relates because I want to form relationships.

    I was hoping to get some advice or tips on being more sociable and outgoing.
    I'm currently going through a really tough time in my life where i have social phobia and get panic attacks around other people in social settings. Besides chilling out, what techniques do you guys use to meet new people and get friends?

    So, how does one be more sociable?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.
  2. what specifically is the problem, what thoughts trouble you?
  3. just take it slow - build on some small talk even, any kind of positive interaction.

    The more positive you are, generally the easier you'll get along with strangers. So smile, don't 2nd-guess yourself, and just try to put yourself out there. Build on the good moments you get out of that, and you'll be on your way

    good luck! :smoke:
  4. Just be good to people, they will generally reciprocate. Start with small talk and work your way up to whatever kinds of relationships you desire. Always appear confident and never desperate.

  5. I Just think people will think i'm awkward, weird, and a bad person.

    @chzburgerWalrus and @Niveuspuer thanks that's some solid advice! I definitely will work on being more positive and nice to people.
  6. i feel the same way sometimes, first you gotta love and interact with everyone as if they were your close friend, most people will instantly be comfortable with you for being real and kind.

    also, say yes to new situations even if they may make you feel uncomfortable (whats the worst that could happen? youre back in the situation youre in now?), thats how you grow.

    last if you cant love yourself, you cant love anyone else, nor can they love you. everyone is awkward in their own way, dont treat it like a big deal and it wont be.

    if you cant manage to be very open and talkative, everyone likes to be listened to. and work on eye contact maybe. this is all stuff that helped me

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    great thread. im going though this as well. Hope it'll help for me as well :]
  9. hope it helps :)
  10. If you dont mind me asking, why do you think these things?

    First of all if the people you are talking to automatically think these things then these people are shallow and closed-minded. You don't want them as friends anyways.

    Next, who is to say what weird is? Who is to say what normal is? No one my man. Too each their own. As long as you dont say strange things I think you are fine. By strange things I mean "Can I smell your hair?" or "I like to watch my dog poop." things like that.

    Just make eye contact, be sure of yourself, try to find common ground with people, and over all......Be yourself.

    Believe me, you would rather be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not.

  11. First, remember you're only human and so is everyone...
    Remember that you're gonna die and that time is only a concept, just like every other humanisticly conceptualized doctrines and etc...
    Try looking people in the eye, they ain't shit.
    Stand tall, breathe in deeply from time to time and smile/smirk...
    Exercise! Trust, you'll feel better about yourself and etc... start with 50 pushups and 50 dips and 100 sit ups and work your way up!
    Junk food and fast food, cut down on it!
    Don't give a fuck and assert your opinions. Morality is manufactured, remember that...

  12. Not sure they just pop into my head. I guess I have a bit of a self esteem issue.

    Thanks for all the responses everyone!:D I think i'm gonna re-read this thread everyday before I go out just to remind myself of all the great advice!

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