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outer leaf dutch styles vs. swisher sweets.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by aec, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. haha, I just smoked the blunt in the picture that I attached. I love rolling up the blunt before it just sets you up for smoking just like packing a bowl. How about you guys.

    But back to the topic. So as you can see in the picture I smoked a swisher. And lately I've been doing that just because their a clean roll and look so nice when finished and don't get to much resin at the end. But I used to always smoke dutch cause I loved how slow they go but they just don't seem as clean as swishers. So my question is which do you prefer and why?

    Oh yeah and I stopped with the honey because a bunch of people on this website said it was bad, so I figured better safe than sorry.


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  2. I have and always will roll with dutches. The whole rolling process with them is much better than a swisher, in my opinion.

    There is nothing better than a perfectly rolled dutch.
  3. love dutches. but i only smoke palma dutches :)
  4. Yup, same here. :)
  5. That's all I smoke is Swishers. Right now by my side I have a brand new pack of "Swisher Sweets - 6 Mini Cigarillos" Just started using the minis to conserve bud.

    But I have never smoked a Dutch...Haha. Only a White Owl and Swishers. I need to try other one's but seems like only thing people got here are Swishers, White Owl & Juicy Jay's Blunt Wraps.
  6. white owls...ehhh.

    i started with those about 2 years ago.

    green games and honey sport dutches for me
  7. I've only smoked a swisher once, got nothin against em I'm just more of a dutch guy.
  8. i fukk wit dutches and swishers but i used dutches on the regular since up here its hard to find a swisher that not stale but wen i was in the south the swishers were primo
  9. I'm very curious to try a swisher. I'm assuming they're...sweet? What else are they like especially in comparison to a dutch?
  10. Haha, seems like an IL thing my dude. Swishers is all I use lately, although I did pick up a tube of kingpin blunt wraps, 3 for like 70 cents, they tasted amazing.
  11. hmm..well im the kinda guy that wants to get right to smokin i buy blunt wraps so I dont gotta cut the blunt, take out the.....yada yada yada.

    So I smoke Kush wraps, Purple wraps, Mango wraps, and Chocolate wraps (depending on the ganja)

  12. kingpin wraps tastes better then swisher or no? i grown attached to grape swishers
  13. Only things ive smoked were phillies, white owls and wraps. I liked how the white owls rolled, pretty easy smoked nice, same with the phillies. I love wraps i always seem to roll them perfectly. I tried rolling a dutch and failed misrable had to toss it and just rolled up 2 joints. I suck at rolling joints but atleast i finished them lol.
  14. last week the gas station by my house got new game dutches the flavor is called green grape. its my favorite thing to roll and burns super slow. it also comes in a tube and since i bought like 10 of them i connected them to make a lightsaber ahah
  15. whats with all the old threads poppin back up?
  16. i love backwood blunts[​IMG]
  17. it really depends on how much im smokin. anything less than a gram goes in a swisher(grape preferably) but anything more i go with the dutch.

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