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Outer Body Experiences

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cram5671, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I'm just wondering if anyone here has any experience with inducing an OBE and would like to share how they do it and any stories, whatever really

    I have only achieved one OBE and since I have really wanted to get back there but I just can't seem to do it... here is how it happened.

    I was smoking no more than I usually did but I had actually taken a half of a vicodin i had laying around from a past surgery, I took it because i really wanted to get some good sleep and pulled my back pretty good.. Anyway I had read a little bit about OBE's and really didnt know anything at all but had practiced laying on my back, hands flat beside me and I would "meditate" so to say in that i would just lay in bed in that position until i fell asleep.. I had practiced about 10-15 times before it actually happened on this night... well I'm not sure how to describe what happened but i'll try... I felt my body go into a buzz, or a hum, and it was like feeling my entire body all at once without actually feeling any of it at all..then it was like two energy patterns were running continiously through me in opposite directions lifting me out of my body.. I kind of freaked out a little bit and started to concentrate on it and lost it but to my surprise was able to get back rather quickly ad i must have stayed there for about idk 60-90 seconds before i lost it and have never been able to return.. I felt nothing... i was not in control of my thoughts but was 100% aware of everything. After, I looked up the buzz and the hum and the circular energy patterns and to my surprise it was exactly what other people descibe and is the magnetic field.. I was shocked.. I want to do it again But I cant! help me out!!! lol
  2. I wish I could get on that level. Respect.
  3. Try opening your third eye first. I did it a couple nights ago and it blew my fucking mind. Just YouTube it, there's this one video where eventually this guy that sounds like Arnold swartzinager (fuck spelling) talks about a triangle and a square... This is the video that taught me how to do it. It takes a lot of practice and months of trying to do it though,

    Haha one time I took 7 vic.s and like 8+ bowls of dank... I was in my body and everything, but it felt like my eyes were higher then the ceiling when I looked down. Triiiiipy shit haha.
  4. Oh, and what your describing is astral projection, look it up for more tips and ways to do it. It seems directly connected to the third eye though, which is why I recommend trying to open it.
  5. does certain "music" help or hurt your attempts? when i has success it was in silence
  6. I shit you not one time I was meditating(I was experimenting with Buddhism for about 6 months) and I heard errrrchchh! Behind me. Turns out my pencil holder had slid across the table. So I'm like oh shit my house is haunted, but chill out and try meditating again. As I was ending and letting my thoughts flow again I think about the pencil holder, I opened my eyes looked at it and suddenly felt extremely angry twords it. Keep in mind I had just smoked a bowl of dank from a pill bottle bubbler, and with no warning it looked like a hand reached from my forehead and grabbed the pencil holder and pushed it off the table. I then calmed down and started freaking out, and went to bed. I don't know if I was blown or not, but I looked it up and it's called telekinesis. Have never tried it since.
  7. silence is good, but not necessary. Normal outside sounds won't distract you too much.

    As far as music, if you're trying to to get out of body, you're not going to be thinking about the music playing, most noises start to drown out and fade.

    if you want to try some other experience's , look up sensory deprivation, or even DMT.
  8. and for anyone who is wondering How to do this.. I dont feel qualified in teaching since i have only been successful once but the first steps are what you will get stuck in the longest which is just simply relaxing your body.. you have to concentrate on each body part and release any tension you are holding, its unbelievable how many muscles are still not relazing while you lay down and you dont even know it.. I'm a fitness guy so I think what helped me project rather quickly (only about 15 previous attempts) was that i would stretch before bed, this dfinitely helped my muscles relax and sit well without tension.. as you practice you will notice more and more muscles"let go" and they will fall a little bit and you didnt even know they werent relaxed.. this is you letting go of the physical, because projection is basically body aslep mind awake kind of thing... the two last things here to get by are your eye movements... we picture things while awake and when we do so our eyes will move around bc its like we are still seeing through them.. but once our body has truly fell asleep were not visioning through our eyes anymore and they too will be still.. also heart beat.. that took a while to get by, to not feel it and be aware of it.. then was the magnetic field, the hum.. once you reach the hum you are where i get stuck haha.. the hum is the magnetic field.. you need to get past your own bodies magnetic field to feel outside.. which is obviously more easily said than done.
  9. I have a gift certificate to a sensory depervation tank my gf got me =) lol how awesome is she right !!! lolol I'm going to do it thats why I would like to practice a couple times again before going
  10. and i would love to try dmt.. but getting a hold of it is the problem so i'd have to either make some new friends wink wink.. or leave the country

  11. WTF :eek:
  12. [quote name='"cram5671"']does certain "music" help or hurt your attempts? when i has success it was in silence[/quote]

    Using I Doser (or binaural beats) really really intensifies my experiences. I have to go through doses and find the ones that work for me though, each one affects you differently (if at all). Some are labeled to help you sleep, some are ment to get you high, but really I think they just put you in different forms of meditation. It's hard to explain but try them if your interested, you can get it free if you torrent it (not worth buying IMO, too expensive)
  13. :smoke:There are some interesting facts about the pineal gland of our brains, although i'm afraid that some folks are only confusing 'visions' from their imagination, while under a trance or meditative state, as being some supernatural event. My method is to create a triangular loop from eye to eye to pineal eye, and i think of a triangular torus in the space of my pineal that gets infinately smaller and bigger at the same time, since my eyes cross and roll back, then, I experience a very bright sensation and popping sounds occur in the center of my brain it seems anyway, followed by the biggest involuntary grin on my face, it's pure ecstacy and I do not need thc to achieve this although it can help, at least that's my own subjective experience. As for levitation, telekinesis, and other mind over matter bs, yeah right, call James Randi and win a million bucks! lol
  14. Yep, it was some medi Sour D, I was a newbie and I swear I felt like my body was like in front of me, hard to explain. I loved it though! I was like yeesssssss goood weed!
  15. Just hit some DMT and you will have a OBE I swear. But if you don't wanna go there then open your third eye and meditate as stated.

    Don't think of DMT as a bad thing either guys. It's 100% natural and is in every single living organism on the planet. Every night when you sleep you produce DMT when your in rim sleep.
  16. Well... weeds never taken me there...

    But, I have been so high that I experienced complete ego death
    And so high that I felt like I was looking down on myself almost from a third person video game esque view.
  17. Is an OBE same as Lucid Dreaming? I saw a thread about lucid dreaming and i was curious, every night since i tried it and the other night it worked, i was basically creating a world in my mind but i was in control, as if i was awake in this world, its too hard to describe

    I woke up randomly and i was just speechless, it can be done.

    edit: i was sober when i done this, just to clarify that, weed isn't necessary, highly recommend people try this though, you'll scare yourself when you realize it can be done
  18. I have had the pleasure of having them and practicing controlling them. Everyone in the world should try OBE's. They are real and very powerful. It started when i was 14 and had one on accident after smoking some good for the first time. i told my pops, and he told me all about his experiences and how he had been able to control his and actually walk away from his body and explore around his house. I HAD TO TRY THIS. he gave me his tips, but it's really a personal experience.
  19. There was an occasion where I was smoking with a group of friends. I was sitting, keeping to myself, next thing I know I'm watching myself sitting. Sort of panicked, sobered up a bit, and went back to normal. On another occasion, I was able to see there aura's.

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