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  1. Brand new to the site...but just laid off from my job so I got a little time on my hands and thought I would try growing a little green. Two questions:

    1) The seeds I have are old. Does it matter?

    2) Can I just plant them in the ground and see what happens? Do I have to do all of the germination stuff first, as mentioned in several threads?

    Will be a risky prospect -- outside, in my yard, with no fences to prevent people from walking into the yard. But it's a quiet neighborhood where people pretty much stay to themselves.

  2. ...if your seeds have been sitting in a humid area you may have a low germination success.

    ...I would germ them indoors just to 'know' your not wasting your time....I would also consider using some quility soil....dig a hole in the native soil about 2-3 feet deep and 2-3 feet wide, then fill the hole with your quility soil, then plant.

    ....a good little tip, you can clip fake flowers onto your cannabis plant ;)
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I've decided to take your advice and do indoor germination first. I have about 50 seeds..so hopefully, some of them will sprout.
  4. Just wanted to give everyone an update.

    After nearly four days, I finally have a seed that is in business. The little guy has been transferred to potting soil in a medium-sized pot...and is sitting outside as we speak, absorbing the sunshine. I must say I got rather excited and screamed "HEY" when I saw the taproot.

    Will keep the other seeds in the container for few more days and see if any of the others are producers.

    Will take pics if the plant I have actually develops into something.
  5. IF your in SC, and the weather is like mine then your plants have to be loving it! Its such a beautiful day today! good luck on the grow to man!
  6. Two more seeds displayed a taproot this morning, giving me a total of three out of about 30 that have actually germinated this week. I now have three pots out in my backyard, absorbing the sunshine.

    My next door neighbor is going to be a problem as these plants mature. He came over yesterday while I was messing around with the first seed...and I made up a story that I decided to try my hand at gardening again. He just moved here from Arizona and has multiple health problems...so I don't know how familiar he is with marijuana or how he'd react if he saw the familiar leafing of the plants.

    I have considered either moving these plants to a secluded wooded area once the growth process is really underway..or turning these into an indoor grow, although that was not my intention and I'm not disciplined enough to do the indoor thing.
  7. The last thing you want is someone letting on and tell the police or something man. Id be cautious with no fence or anything. Itll be pretty obvious if they become monsters outdoors. Whatever you choose, be safe and good luck man!!
  8. ust wanted to post an update on my growing attempt. 4 out of 30 seeds germinated...one more possibly about to sprout a taproot. The 4 seeds that did germinate got put in pots in my back yard. One was planted Wednesday of last week, two on Thursday and the fourth one on Friday.

    When I went outside today to check, I noticed that the oldest one and one of the other ones I planted on Thursday, had sprouted past the top of the potting medium I used. A little hard to see on these pics; the plants are really small but are definitely green against a dark background. I'm fostering life!!!


  9. Things are starting to happen with my first grow. When I woke up this morning, the two sprouts from yesterday had grown a little more...and there had been movement overnight in the growing medium for the third of my four plants.

    I just walked outside to check and there has been definite growth in all three plants in the last 5 hours. The oldest plant, now in its 6th day, has grown and is greener than yesterday. The most significant growth has been with one of the two plants I potted last Friday; it has grown significantly taller. And just this afternoon, the third plant has poked through the surface.

    I have a fourth plant, also, in its 4th day right now, but so far nothing has happened on it.

    I've attached some pics. This is kind of exciting! It seems to be working!



  10. Congrats man! Yours are just a few days behind mine. They will start to grow quick it will amaze you. Good luck and I will check in now and then to see how it's going. Looks like your weather conditions are much warmer than mine haha. I would suggest scouting out secluded areas with trees then find an opening in the tree to put them. I like using google earth and google maps just a tip ;)
  11. alright start looking into some nutes. and keep it simple!! get a grow and bloom. fox farms trio is a very simple and very good nutes.

    also do not forget you still need a job!! do not let this over take your life.
    its a plant give it plenty of sunshine, water and some nutes and it will grow. while its growing go find a job ha =)
  12. Lol..well, I do, at last, have a job. Part-time, but it's a start. Start April 2. Got new hire orientation later this week. Thanks to several of my friends who all work at the same place...they pulled some strings and got me in the door.
  13. I'm now a week into my first attempt. Three of my four seeds seem to be doing well; two of them are beginning to take on the appearance of a plant. Still nothing from the fourth seed I planted; it's been 5 days now for that one so I guess it didn't take.


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  14. Day 8 of my first grow attempt brought news of the sprout of the fourth of my four plants. I literally saw this thing crack the surface yesterday while I was mowing the back yard. When I started mowing, I walked by the plant and there was nothing showing up in the pot. When I walked by a second time about 30 minutes later, I saw the stem had cracked the surface. When i woke up this morning to take my daily pictures, it had already sprouted a couple of leaves.

    Meanwhile...my other three plants all seem to be getting along with the growing process.



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  15. Day 9 of my grow -- things don't look so great now. What looked like rather rapid growth the last few days seems to have stopped...and neither of my plants looks especially good. Is this normal for outside growing conditions? Can these still be grown to a point where they might produce something?

    Had a disaster yesterday -- my dog ran smack into the fourth of my four plants and completely turned the pot over. I could not find the seed or the stem of the growing plant that used to reside in the potting soil. Not a great loss, I suppose, since it was the newest of the four plants.

    I checked my seed germination container today and noticed one additional seed was showing a taproot so will put it in a pot later today.


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  16. Sucks about the new plant;; it happens! From the pictures they don't look in bad shape or anything as far as i can tell? But I have never grown outdoors so it may be different? Good luck though man, with this weather it seems like they would thrive though!
  17. I'm into my 13th day now...one plant appears to be dying...the other two are growing slowly. They'll be getting plenty of sun and warmth the next few days. Since these are outdoor plants, is it normal for their growth to be much slower than during an indoor grow?

    As one can see on the pictures below...the leaf texture is outstanding on plant #2, the oldest of my three plants. Plant #3 also has some noticeable texture but also has some funky looking appendages. I've about given up on plant #1; it has changed little the last few days but is still green so SOMETHING must be living inside the plant.


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  18. Now into my third week, two of my plants seem to have shown steady growth in the last couple of days. I've about given up on plant #1. Plant #2 is the oldest...a day ahead of Plants #1 and #3. Plant 3 appears to be the healthiest.


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  19. Looks like last two doing good. Do you take them in at all?
  20. No..they just stay outside. We are still susceptible to low temperatures until early April but our overnight lows haven't dropped below 50 and we're in the 70s and 80s during the day; 85 expected here today and upper 70s/lower 80s the next three or four days.

    Would bringing them inside help?

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