Outdoors? Will it really work in the wild-

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Weedsmoka 13, Mar 29, 2001.

  1. Hey, Ive just planted like 16 seeds outside on a hill. the hill is pretty wild and theres wild bushes everywhere. i planted them in 4 diffrent holes, will they grow? :confused:
  2. Hey man if you leave em be for a while they will grow. I throw seed all the time and do fairly well. Just make sure you get some sort of barrier around them so the animals dont eat em and you'll be cool. Check on em in a few weeks and make sure they dont dry out. I'm no expert but I'll try and help with what little bit I do know.
    keep on tokin.
  3. i do not know about the wild yet. i hope to try that next season. i have four plants doing fine outdoors in a pot. well, one is damaged, but seems to be recovering.

    you can follow their progress on the "how does my garden grow" post.

    good luck to you..
  4. Ok, to GREATLY increse your results follow thses steps.

    First, if you are planting on a hill and have every direction to pick from, go facing south as the moarning sun is optimal for the plants, will give a kick to them.

    Second, germinate the seeds before planting them. If you dont know how to do this ask and I can explain.

    Third, plant each seed ONE SEED PER HOLE, and have them GERMINATED before planting too.

    Fourth, MAKE SURE NO ONE WILL COME TO YOUR SITE BY FOOT, CANT BE SEEN FROM AIR AND HAS BASICALY NO WAY ANYONE CAN FIND IT, BECAUSE IT WILL DISAPPEAR. This is the biggest down side when growing outdoors. People follow trails and off road beaten tracks to nowhere all the time, make sure there is no trail or anything even near your plantation for security. I am often told I go way over board with security, but hey, they have had crops disappear and I haven't.

    Hope my words may help a bit. Sloth.
  5. I am all the time looking for outside spots in the wild in which to sow my seeds, -(I am forever saving all my seeds from any bud that i smoke, and also asking my friends TO SAVE THE SEEDS :)
    I thought that I found the perfect field, and went there one sat. with about 200 seeds , and a spade and sowed and dug, and sowed and had lots of fun, getting muddy-ied up and everything
    This was in Febuary, At the end of March I returned hoping that at least something would have come up. NOTHING absolutely NOTHING...

    Next time i go off back to the same field to do my planting will definately germinate my seeds, thanks for the tip.

    By the way I only grow outside in pots on my balcony, I live in a very sunny climate and i have excellent results from all my pot plants, excelent yields and excellent quality.

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