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Outdoors storage?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tomination22, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. So I'm picking up an ounce (more than I can stash in my house atm) and I plan on throwing it in a mason jar and then hiding it somewhere in the woods. I've heard that putting Q-tips in the jar will keep the bud from getting moldy, but will that dry it out? Anything else I should do to the bud to keep it fresh as long as possible?

    tl;dr Best way to keep bud fresh outside in a mason jar?

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    Keeping it outside isn't ideal, but it is fine if you need to. My father keeps his in the garage and he hasn't had any problems.

    You could just take some silica gel packets, those little packets that come in new clothes, electronics, etc, and just throw those in the mason jar to absorb some of the moisture and keep it fresh.

    You would rather have dry bud than moldy bud.
  3. Buy some boveda humidipacks from Amazon (the 62% humidity is the one I get) and put it in the mason jar. If it's airtight then you're good to go. In fact, if your bud is kinda dry, it would restore some moisture to it! If your bud is kinda wet now don't add the pack in the jar yet, wait until you're happy with the level of moisture of your bud (it dries when in jars but it's just a ton slower than When it's left in the open).

    If you're afraid of mold, then get some of the lower humidity level boveda packs, they'll keep your bud drier than the 62%. Also keep in mind it's a two-way system, so if there's too much moisture in your jar it will actually absorb it (until it reaches the humidity level you chose).

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