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  1. i have a nice little girl going outside in a smaller pot, ready to be transplanted into final growing pot. i have perfectmix soil, this is my favorite choice since seeing the differences in potting soil, miracle grow soil, and this right before my eyes. anyways, my question is as follows:

    the ground composition everywhere around here is red clay. is this ok to plant in? or, should i dig the hole, fill with perfect mix, then plant? or, should i drill holes in the bottom of a 5gal bucket and plant it in there with the perfectmix and bury it? you can see the plant in my photos, it is the largest. the one in the middle has moved indoors for LST, and the other is still nursing back to health.

  2. Those look Like big indica leafs on the big one.. Clay is too compact a medium to grow in... You might want to dig down and see if there is better dirt underneath. probably not.. maybe worse.. Now the only way those fine ladies will survive is if They have good aeration in the soil too the roots.. if you dig a hole and transplant with perfect mix the plant will be set..Till the roots go a little deeper and hit that clay than bamb stress. I would till. I would dig I would baby that ground... and go for it.. I love to mix perlite at at least 20% with my soil.. cheap and man the roots love it..

    by the way your plants have built an incredible root system already taking over the whole pot so when you carefully take that plant with soil and transplant the roots will make an initial stretch down. So have that nice stuff ready for em

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    I think that clay has little nutrient value. I would dig a large hole then fill it with your favourite compost, before planting your ladies in it.
    I think there are as many mixes as there are growers. My mix, which I put in 50 litre containers, contains peat, sand, grit, horseshit, loam, garden compost, volcanic rock, crushed eggshell, and a bit of fert granules. The ladies seem to like it.
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    well, i dont really have access to a tiller, so would the 5gal bucket option work well? i am working on very limited funds here. do you think that i should put the sativa back outdoors and bring the indica inside and go ahead and force flowering now(via 12/12 lights)?

    also, should i top the indica and let it get 2 colas going?
  5. What´s a tiller??
    I have grown in 5 UK gallon buckets, that´s about 6 US gallons. Got about 10 ounces of dried/cured per plant. So certainly a viable option.
  6. Ok, Big has been transplanted into a 5 (US) gallon bucket, with 3 1" holes drilled in the bottom for drainage. When I removed it from the 8" pot it was in, it was apparent that it was time for the transplant - lots of tight roots. It was started in PerfectMix, and is in pure PerfectMix in the 5 gal. bucket. In UNDER 24 hours, I have noted that the growth tip has moved up and away from the last branches/fan leaves by 3/4". Great improvement for a transplant I think. Anyway, I thought at first today that I was seeing male preflowers. Now I think I'm just being paranoid and looking at unopened baby leaves. Pics are below, please tell me what you think. I compared what I see with the pics in the "Sexing" sticky post, and I don't think my plant has any preflowers now, unless these are. I don't see them at all branches, only on the growth tip and the last set of branches/fan leaves.

  7. A 5 gal. bucket works wonders! I grew a 6+ foot tree in one last year. This year I'm keeping them smaller and only using 10" pots or #5 nursery containers.

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