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  1. Okay if I grow outdoors, the only place to secretly grow DOES have sunlight, but a lot of shade in some areas because of the trees overhead. So the plant wouldn't be completely covered in sun a lot. is that okay or a no-no?
  2. You probably won't get a good plant with out 5 hours of direct light minimum. Most growers get about 9 hours of direct light though.
  3. Aw darn! Ill keep searching than

  4. Yeah sucks trying to plant in forested areas, sometimes taking out a small tree can open up a world of light for your plants. Just keep an eye for areas that could be improved with some ingenuity.:D

    And they harder they are to find originally the better, less chance any one else has stumbled onto the place or ever will.
  5. HA alrighty, and also, you know how sometimes you plant seed in the little black container things with like 4 or 6 squares for various seeds? could I get a seed started in there? and also if i did use those, how often would I have to water it considering those things are not that large (maybe the height of half my hand)
  6. Yeah you could start of your seedlings in those planters, just repack the little plastic cups with new potting mix and its pretty much good to go. A lot of growers start their plants like this when its too cold to plant outside, giving them a good head start on the season.

    The only issue is safely getting your sprouted plants to the site unnoticed. That can be hard.

    Also as for watering in those small starter pot things, just water when the surface of the soil feels dry to the touch, underneath is usually much more damp, so judge with the top of the soil if it need a drink.
  7. okay thanks!

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