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  1. So my budy grow some nice plants this summer/fall... Bluewidow, Power Kush, and Sharksbreath. He started going out there 3 weeks before harvest with a flashlight killing those woodboring worms, he also has lights on his back porch about 25 yards away from the plants ... Why didn't his plants herm out? Is it different outdoors how about Car lights ?

    So today I went in my room it was dark outside and I have two greenlights... Not thinking I read and wrote a txted msg on my phone Should I be worried about the light from the phone?
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  3. what? its a god damn "weed" they do have some tolerance, and plenty tolerance to withstand the time period of your shitty phone while you texted your local hooker.
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    nuttman2, the reason the plants didnt hermi is because cannabis can withstand considerable light without harm. The full moon is bright enough that it will cast your shadow on the ground if you go outdoors. Lightning strikes can be as bright as day, last several seconds and be repeated 20 times within a few minutes yet the plants arent affected. A severe thunderstorm can nearly make it dark during daytime for as much as 30 minutes, yet the plant isnt affected.

    Indoor lighting is very stressful to cannabis for one primary reason: Indoor lighting is the same every day. Naturally,daylength is in a constant state of transition becoming shorter or longer and no 2 days have the same daylength. Cannabis has evolved to respond to daylenth variation but indoors, there is none.


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