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  1. Just put em out 2day.
    Ak47 and Bruce Banner

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  2. calmag time!
  3. Think they need it?..grown alot of outdoor and never used it in the past..we did busy some so i can does em...
    Would ya say I should give em a dose..there newly transplanted into Ocean Forrest and Promix today.
  4. Never worked with these strains before either.
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  5. its always a good idea planting out even flipping 12x12
    tho I prefer to foilar spray mine with a tsp to a pint of warm water
    shake and spray

    good luck
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  6. Thanks..
    New to these strains..usually R2 or something thats being sold in clone form locally
  7. Seems like I always end up with one out of ten that can't pull the cal-mag from the soil. Sometimes up-potting to fresh soil mix takes care of it and sometimes not. I feed them with a tea spoon of epsom salt in a spray bottle. Watch for new growth to be green.
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  8. Foliar epsom eh? I always watered in...i got the rest transplanted today...i'll snap some pics and put em up.
  9. I used to water it into the soil. But I couldn't really tell the difference till I started spraying the leaves.
    I don't know if that is just faster acting, or ????

    I'm just gonna pull this thought outta my ass and throw it out there:
    According to all the other plants (from same seeds, so they are sisters) the soil is not cal-mag deficient. So if one plant is having a problem feeding from the roots, just pouring more cal-mag doesn't correct it's inability to feed from the roots. Spraying the leaves is feeding from the other end. Spraying every evening, I normally will start to see improvement - new growth is coming in nice and green - within a week. After a month of nightly applications, I expect the plant to become healthy and grow nice and green on it's own. If it starts turning yellow again, I chop it and focus time and resources on the plants that WANT to grow pretty.
    I'm sure I would feel differently if I paid $30 for that seed. But as it is, I make my own seeds, and always try to make sure I have enough healthy starters to pick from.
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  10. A precautionary spray I agree with @Ronhip always one that shows an issue
    not matter what you do..in the old days as a noob
    I would let my plants go very yellow before applying Calamg even nutes
    then spray nutes and or Calmag just to watch her go very green again in 30mins
    just to proove Jorges Cervantas etc right ...lol

    truth is many plants are running low in nutes etc as you flip to flowering anyways

    good luck
  11. This is a grand daddy purp..not havin the same issues..

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