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  1. Hi Guys,
    Im new to growing, so this outdoor grow is my first. I have a couple of questions. First, let me say my spot is in 12 acres of woods on private property with a house in the center. I am planting 25 plants (10 of them feminized cheese plants). How many of these do you think will actually grow? All of them are getting direct sunlight, and are getting watered all the time, and have good soil to grow in.

    My next concern is height, how tall do you think normal outdoor plants get to be? I know private planes fly over my house so would you recommend tying them to the ground? What else can you recommend for sky cover? To mask it a little i have planted about 200 or so rosemary and basil plants

    Also, what can you guys recommend to do when the leaves start falling during budding season? I was planning on putting water drip bags there and walking away for the last month. Thanks all!
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    Seeds usually don't fail to germinate unless they are undeveloped or if they were planted improperly. Sounds like, out of a batch of 25, you should have plenty that germinate.

    Size depends on the strain of marijuana you have. Plants with full sun will have the means to grow pretty large but you can camoflage them (using other plants or spacing them apart), top them to a desired height, or put them in a ventilated greenhouse for cover.

    What type of basil are you using for camo anyway? Usually, basil doesn't grow past a foot tall.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply. The basil is used strictly for smell, while the rosemary is for height. I still have large trees somewhat blocking directly above.They will also act as some sort of cover on the ground. Here is what i have come up with so far.

    Tie the plants down when they start getting tall, put a thin black net over them, and finally the best one clip fake branches, leaves, and colorful flowers (can be fake) on the plants so when choppers or planes fly by they think its a normal plant with flowers. How does this sound?
  4. I will also keep everyone informed on this grow. Pictures will be coming tomorrow.
  5. I don't think you'll have to go as far as to place fake flowers on your plants to disguise them. From up above, marijuana can resemble a number of plants and usually the people in the planes are not using binoculars to look down for marijuana plants.

    I recommend you read up on "topping" your plants. This method of pruning will help keep your plants short and bushy instead of growing tall and out of control. And this is just me but you might consider constructing or buying a small green house. Keep the smell down and your plants out of sight.
  6. How many survive depand a lot on the weather, wildlife and insects. If it's constanly rain or you get a 3-4 day period where 2-3 inches fall it's going to be rough on the plants. Too close to a deer path and any cleared area of brush and ground cover will soon be incorporated into the deer path. Insect will munch on your plants. It will harm a few leaves, but they should survive. From seed, the young ones may be devoured which happened to me last year.

    In reality, outdoor growing is a countdown for the 1st 4-6 weeks. The larger the plants get the more apt they are to survive. Say for the 1st week a deer finds your patch and snacks out on 1-2 plants. Then the insects take a life. This may be followed by a nice rain that wilts your plants and you lose another. By July you have 20 left and for the next two weeks you start removing males and you end up with 15 plants.

    It would be nice to have a controlled area outdoors where you can baby and nurse the plants throughout their life.

    Good Luck! Haverst tons of buds.

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