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  1. i am new to growing and need some help.... i have started twins in 2 huge tire pot first child got week stem and i killed it off and put a new one in place, the second is a wonderfull dark green w/ 4 leaves and a weak stem down near the root. i have taken the dirt and created a volcano effect around it for support, they r getting about 8 hours of light w/ some out door elements (wind and rain) but not much of either, i am watering about a cup of water a day in the evening ( like i said my plants r in a HUGE tire turned flower pot). there is no discoloration of the leaves... plz help i am a dumbie at this last time i tried to grown any thing i was in 3 grade and it died... help me plz
  2. well first off cut your watering down to every 3 days depending on your soil and how good it contains moisture. also how tall are they? you could use a toothpick and tie the plant to the tootpick and stick it in the soil close to the plant for support.keep us updated.good luck:hello:
  3. id water in the mornings and if ure in native soil some lime worked in the soil is a good idea
  4. the wind should help them strenghten up. also wat they said ^^^
  5. now for more issues i have posted @ Beginning Leaves Turning Yellow? somewhere in the forum.. so any input is greatly need oh an by the way stems looking good now, they r holding their own.. now its the damn leaves if its not 1 thing its another oh an my leaves r about 2-3 weeks old start at begining of month
  6. can you post the link so it would be easier to find?

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