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  1. I have a purple urkle mother plant and I've had 3 diff ppl look at it who all are ALOT more experienced than me at growing..My plant for a short while started looking dry and not necessarily burnt but just bare, empty, and dry, and I was 1st being told I was under watering it. Another person told me to give it more nutrients when others have told me at this stage just give it water and dont feed it the big bloom til flower time, so I watered it and gave it some food and then all of a sudden it started looking worse and leaves did start burning, its very hot where I live here in sac and the last 4 days in a row its been over 100 degrees with the exception of yesterday. So now I'm keeping it outta direct sun light since its ben soo fukn hot and the green color is def starting to come back...IS this just a coincidence or should I continue to keep it out of direct sunlight? and if so, how many more days should I keep it outta sunlight? And how often should I be watering it or feeding it food??
  2. top dress with a 1/2 cup of kelp meal for cell division and 2'' of vermicompost to fix the soil health problem. do not apply synthetic fertilizers until the plant has made its full recovery and you are confident leaving it in the full sun. or at all.
  3. cool thanks man, I'm using good soil with alot of pearlite and sum ppl were accusing me of OVER watering wen I only water it maybe 1 time a week since the pearlite absorbs so much of the h2o....Wat do u think could be causing my soil health problem?

  4. once a week is DEFINITELY not overwatering, especially if you're using pearlite etc

    soaking that thing down twice a week should be fine. what "food" did you give it? If you're giving it flowering nutes in veg, you could end up with nitrogen deficency etc since the ratios are totally different for separate stages

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