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  1. I was wondering if it is possible to grow my seeds outdoors from seedling all the way to finished product. I know most people veg their plants indoors and then flower outdoors but I was wanting to do the whole process outdoors. Also if it is possible to veg outdoors how could I force my plant to remain in the vegetative state?
  2. don't worry they'll veg its keeping seedlings alive that ya gota worry about
  3. Is there anyway I can control their vegetative time? As in lengthen it?

    (thanks btw)
  4. generally a plants veg time is controlled by genetics and tha latitude where your growin it.I'm about 40deg north and most varieties don't start to flower till mid august,and by then you want them to because 3 months of veg under the sun makes huge plants. artificial light would lengthen the veg time but unless u live in tropics theres no real reason to,even then you could get some haze strains and still have large plants
  5. Alright, thank you. This has helped me alot. Although I assume because the flowering stage is triggered by the seasons you cant just plant any time you want to in the year?

    (I live in Southern California btw if that helps answer my question)
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    I live in So Cal and I grow all year I start club clones inside under florecents for 24hrs then throw them outside when I feel they have enough branches. This allows me to flower all year. I know we dont get much rain but I put a pvc filon roof over my plants against a wall to protect them from rain. Nothing beats having a perpetual harvest all year long. Keeping the lights on 24hrs helps to ensure they go straight to flower when put outside. Since your putting seedlings outside then they will veg till they hit maturity and then start to flower. How long they veg will depend on strain. Best of Luck.

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